Mar 7, 2017


By Sarah Mullins

Today’s world has an overarching theme of renaissance. You have the ability and the encouragement to transform your work, your life, and yourself an infinite amount of times.  Most call this following your passion, but me, I’m not really a follower.  I firmly believe if you are to create something innovative, meaningful and long lasting, there’s no way you can do it by following something there.

Therefore this blog will be dedicated to the much less romantic notion of: how to work hard. I may sound like your cranky grade school teacher, but I implore you - please read on!


by Brandon Souba

“The expert in anything was once a beginner” ~ Helen Hayes

I used this quote to close out a training one day and ironically I also made it out to snowboard that day. Now if you have had me give an education piece at your chapter in the last few months I warned you about a snowboarding blog, and well, here it is!
As I was going up the lift, I was watching all the beginners that were learning to ski or snowboard. I find it funny that most people that want to learn to ski take a lesson, but those who want to snowboard take on teaching themselves. Not sure if it is a personality thing or not, but I have no room to talk, I never took a lesson and I hurt myself a lot my first few years of learning. But as I watched all the people fall that quote rang in my head. “The expert in anything was once a beginner.”


Purchase Truth or Delusion

Don't wait around for your excellent service to pay off. Instead, build a network for word-of-mouth marketing.

Many entrepreneurs are under the impression that if they provide good customer service, people will refer business to them. Just like that. However, that's only part of the picture. Sure, customer service is important. But good customer service is just a prerequisite--a minimum expectation.

Think about it. Would you refer somebody to me if I provided lousy customer service? Of course not. Your own credibility would suffer.

Good customer service is part of what the prospect expects when you refer him to me. If you're recommending me to him, I must be something pretty special, right? And if I want to keep that customer coming back, I'll need to give him more than the minimum expectation of simply good customer service. I'll need to provide great, outstanding, memorable customer service to really stand out.


Have you ever asked the question “What is the most important thing to do right now?”

As a “work from home” business professional I find many things vie for my attention – TV, laundry, housework, baking, reading, FB, not to mention those tasks affiliated with my business – phone calls, email, marketing,  etc.   Focusing on just ONE thing has been a challenge as I am completely in charge of my calendar.  A few months ago I was expressing my frustration with the constant interruptions and distractions in my daily life, and a friend suggested a book by Gary Keller called The One Thing. I would like to share with what I am learning in hopes that you too may gain insight into the best management of the hours you have to devote to your life’s work. 
Gary shares that the idea of “balance” in life is really an illusion.  Our lives will never be “in balance”. Spending equal time in ALL areas should not be the goal.  A better question is one of finding your priorities.  Sometimes that may be in the area of health or family, while other times your work, or spiritual life need more focus.  If you are unable to feed your family, finances may become highest on your list for a season.  You see, it’s in our circumstances that weigh one area more heavily over another.