May 16, 2017


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by Sarah Mullins

If you’ve had a day in your work life where you’ve walked away from work in the evening feeling like a big ol’ failure…. Good. I virtually high-five you! Brownie points if you’ve had this happen over 100 times.

It’s a truth widely known but rarely discussed that the path to success is built with failure. Feel free to research and dispute this, but you’ll quickly find that those on top have more failures than successes.

It’s one thing to know and accept this information, it’s a completely different animal to try and cope with it. How does one actually deal with failure after failure? How do they then turn them into building blocks in hopes that they’ll one day turn into something successful?

Since I’m seeing a construction theme here, I’ll continue by telling you that failure is the bricks, success is the mortar to your empire you’ll now set out to build. Everyone fails, social media is out there to try and convince you otherwise, but believe me, everyone fails. Personally, I fail multiple times a day.


by Steve Mix

I opened up my bill from my vendor who is working on getting my business on page one of google.  It had all kinds of information and reports on where we started from and where we are now.  This information was very valuable.  It is really important for me to be on page one.
I decided to go on google to search for my name.  Here is what I found out.  My business was on page one.  I was very excited to see that.
I was also very excited that my BNI Profile page was also on page one.  This made my day.  How was it that the two things that are very important to me are both on page one?  Having the knowledge of how much I was spending with my vendor and the amount of effort we were making, I could do the math and see that BNI was making a huge capital investment in ME and my Business to be on the first page.


by Brandon Souba

If you have ever gone through Member Success Program with me you will know I push one to ones A LOT! There is no better way to improve your VCP (Visibility – Credibility – Profitability) then meeting with another member on a one to one basis. Unless you waste the time vs. having a productive conversation.

How do you waste time in a one to one? Having a conversation that won't result in referrals or give you opportunities for your business. We can all go grab a drink or play golf with friends and grow the relationship between us.  Those friends might even be a fellow BNI member, but if you are going to spend an hour with a fellow BNI member and make it count, then I guarantee you will get more referrals. One tool we recommend to use is the GAINS profile.

G – Goals
A – Achievements
I – Interests
N – Networks
S – Skills

I believe this is a great way to have focused topics for a one to one, but most can be answered in one or two words. So I wanted to use this blog to turn the topics in to questions. This way, if the member you are meeting with doesn’t read the Heartland Blog, then you will have some skilled questions that are sure to impress.


By Ivan R. Misner, Ph.D. and Vince Vigneri

Word-of-mouth advertising or, as we know it better, Referral Marketing is often touted as one of the oldest and most powerful forms of marketing, and while most real estate agents understand how it works, many do not know just how they can turn it into their most powerful business tool. 

If you want to be successful at developing word-of-mouth through networking, you should be as organized and thoughtful about it as you are about other types of advertising and marketing you do. 

Here are 10 ways to be effective in networking groups.