Feb 19, 2018


by Vince Vigneri

During International Networking Week, we celebrated our Core Value of Recognition by holding our Annual BNI Heartland Recognition Events in Lincoln and Omaha, NE, Casper and Gillette, WY, and Rapid City and Sioux Falls, SD - AND over 30% of our members attended! Thank you to all of those in attendance!!!

We recognized many individuals, as well as the chapters in our area for their accomplishments during 2017. Each event began with Cross-Chapter Open Networking, followed by a brief statement about our regions' accomplishments, a video showing The History of BNI, and our Strategic Plan:

Feb 13, 2018


by Brandon Souba

Sadly I have tried many times to get this idea in a podcast, or a blog, and every time I get so 
in-depth it tends to make no sense by the end... So I am taking a shot at a simple, short blog...

How do you end a one to one?

In my early days I ended a one to one with a, “Thank you and this was great to get together.” I am guessing this how most of us part ways. But later on I realized one to ones should actually be two meetings not just one. To explain this I want to share a dialog.

To set the scene Jake asked Brandon for a one to one. Since Jake is setting this up, the meeting should be focused on Jake learning more about Brandon’s business - Givers Gain.


by Sarah Mullins

Unfortunately it’s inevitable.  Each of us will lose something very important in our lifetimes. This loss can range from family members, to close friends, even to our businesses themselves. This past year I lost my father.

It was sudden, devastating, and came during a year of my life full of immense changes both personally and professionally.  Now that a new year is beginning and I have the clarity to reflect on what truly happened, I’d like to share the story of how in my life, grief, and business were forced to cohabitate. 


Where are you on this? I thought this was a great reminder of so many things we can do, as individual business leaders, but also BNI members... Our challenge, as a region, to you, is to see how many of these items you can check off weekly. Will you accept the challenge?

  1. Speak to a non-BNI person about BNI. (Proactive)
    • Invite them using the BNI Connect Mobile App...or...
    • Register them to visit your meeting next week.
  2. Prepare and Plan your BNI Business strategy. (Begin with the end in mind)
    • Accountability 
      • Weekly Presentations
      • Feature Presentation
  3. Focus on a Chapter Member and bring a good referral. (First things first)
    • Givers Gain
  4. Build Strategic Alliance with Chapter Members. (Win-Win)
    • Building Relationships
  5. Do a One-to-One with chapter members weekly. (Seek to understand, before being understood)
    • Schedule one now
  6. Get involved and build your Power Team. (Synergize)
  7. Go to BNI training, gain education through BNI Heartland and BNI University, and take a leadership position. (Sharpen the saw)
    • Life Long Learning
    • Traditions + Innovation 

Dec 14, 2017


By Sarah Mullins

"Silent gratitude isn’t of much use to anyone." That’s why I’m here to tell you a re-cap that turned into a story of gratefulness.

After 7+ years in the organization, BNI has continually pushed me to be beyond myself, to look first to others and then be grateful for what comes back to me. I attended BNI Global Convention 2017, and the experience, just like every other BNI experience, has simply… grown me.