Oct 16, 2017


by Vince Vigneri

In July, I came to realize what the words "I AM BNI" really meant to me - even after all these years. That said, it came in a rather unique way, and since then, it seems like it is all around me, all the time. We discuss the "reticular activator" in BNI a fair amount, but I must say this seems even bigger than that.   

You see BNI has been in my business life for more than 19 years - when I visited what would become my first of many BNI Chapters. At the time, I was a young travel agency owner simply looking for a way to stand out in competitive market. I saw an opportunity to build our agency in a different manner than anyone else in the field, at least locally in the travel industry.


by Nellie Nutting

This has been a month of travel, and travel always gives me time to ponder.  I ponder in the airport, in the Lyft, in the hotel, on the bus – just about anywhere that my environment is new and I am alone with my thoughts.  That’s right – I’m a thinker.   Travel also gives me time to read and I always have multiple books with me or available on my phone/tablet – I’m a student.  During this past month some of my travel has been for business and some for family and pleasure.  Luckily I have been able to stay connected to my team as we have been doing a book study via Zoom during this time as well – I am a techy!  My point is this:  Often, even when I don’t have a laser focus on what I am in search of in a life lesson, it (the lesson) finds me in every avenue I use.  In my journaling, in my books, in my group study, and in my conference classes, one topic became dominant.  This month’s lesson has been on responsibility, so I thought I would share.


by Brandon Souba

As members of BNI we all know the attendance policy. Even if you don’t know it verbatim you still know BNI members are held accountable to be at the meeting. There are many reason why it is important to be at your meeting or to send a sub to represent your business, but this blog is focused on a reason I never thought of. This story happened this month and it really opened my eyes on yet another reason why it is important to follow the attendance policy.

I am seeing more and more people returning to BNI from being a past member. In this specific situation the member left to grow a business in another city and grew to the point they were ready to join BNI in the new city to use Givers Gain to grow even more. So they started visiting chapters and knew the specific day and time they were looking for as far as meetings go. After visiting 2 chapters that fit in their ideal time frame they noticed there was no one in their contact sphere to work with and honestly did not consider either chapter. Because they had experience in BNI, they reached out to a Director for help.


by Sarah Mullins

Eye of the beholder”- a seemingly old time phrase from days past. No one can deny it has a romantic ring to it. I myself see all the beloved characters of a Jane Austen novel sitting in their beautiful attire, drinking their wine and eloquently using this kind of language like it’s common place. The thing is, however, that this phrase holds power. It holds deep meaning and when understood correctly, can help you, me, and everyone else around you change… almost everything.

It all comes back to perspective. Breaking it down, the “eye” is a metaphor for one’s personal observance of a situation, and the “beholder” (you, me, or whomever we’re speaking of) gets to then make their own assumptions, creating their own perspective on the situation. If you’ve ever been grossly misunderstood, you see how powerful this perspective can be.


by Carrie Langston

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” -Amelia Earhart, Aviator/ Author

Have you ever entered a new place where there was no one that you knew, yet felt like you were the most important person in the room because someone there wasted no time in taking you under their wing, making you feel comfortable, welcomed and a part of something? You were Included!