Apr 19, 2017


by Vince Vigneri

Past success doesn’t ensure future success. As we celebrate the successes of today, we have our eyes, and focus, clearly on the future and how we can continue the tradition of blazing a trail that helps our members make more money.

BNI® is continuing to invest in you, our members, to ensure you are empowered with the tools, technology, and resources to grow and improve your business. We have made significant advancements in innovation, education, and technology to streamline and elevate your experience as a member. We have made major additions to our all-star team to ensure we deliver on our promise to build business and change lives.

The first example of these innovative and technological advancements is the launch of the BNI Connect® mobile app. For the first time, you will be able to pass referrals, record Thank You for Closed Business, Chapter Education Units, and One-to-One’s, view weekly slip activity, update a subset of your profile, and invite prospective members to a meeting – all at the palm of your hand. In addition to mobile app, we are doubling our investment to continually upgrade BNI Connect®.


by Brandon Souba

The other day I was partaking in a Facebook live training about marketing your business. The person
leading the training put an analogy out that sparked an idea for a blog. He was talking about hooking your clients and how much effort you are putting in, and he used a fishing concept. So I am going to expand on that as it pertains to you and your chapter.

When you give your weekly presentation or feature presentation how prepared are you?
When you go to your meeting, do you bring a referral, or do you pass referrals that come to mind during the meeting?
Twist on the last question, do you only get referrals from your weekly presentation, or from one to ones and referrals passed before the weekly meeting?
All of this comes down to how prepared you are when you meet with other members, be it at the meeting or in a one to one. So let’s look at some different situations when a person goes fishing.


by Ivan Misner, PhD and Vince Vigneri

As a business professional, you need a constant supply of information to achieve success.  You must stay aware of trends and issues and keep up with rapid economic and technological changes to become and stay competitive.  Your “Knowledge Network” or what I call the Information component of your Network consists of your most knowledgeable sources, the people who can provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to run a successful operation.
You may have discovered already that it is next to impossible to keep up with all this information on your own.  There is simply too much of it, and your own inclinations and time limitations steer you toward some kinds of knowledge and cause you to neglect others.  You may be strong in marketing and business planning but weak in personnel and legal matters.

Fortunately, the knowledge you lack is always someone else’s specialty, so you can turn to others for help.  This is what you are preparing to do when you set up your Network’s Information component – a web of contacts who know and understand what you must do to achieve success in your profession or business, who have the experience to help you achieve your goals.


by Nellie Nutting

I am no stranger to moving – perhaps not the pro others have become, but over the last 35 years life has taken me to several new communities and given me the opportunity to play “HIDE AND SEEK” – that is the topic of this blog!

This move may be the most interesting move of all – one that could easily have me winning in the skill of HIDING, if that is my choice.  As a self-employed business owner who works entirely alone and on my own schedule, I could easily stay in – not meeting anyone or doing anything.  After all, SEEKING takes effort.  It requires getting out of my comfort zone into areas that are unchartered for me.  Without a regular JOB with new co-workers to meet, no children at home to get me driving to and from various activities, or for the first several weeks, not even having a neighborhood but a campground where people come and go faster than most can empty their gas tank there is not a readily accessible stream of kind, like-minded, healthy, motivated people for me to invite to coffee.  HIDING is easy here.


by Sarah Mullins

Each of us have an opportunity every day to wake up and make choice after choice that will accumulate into our day, week, years and life stories. Acknowledging this fact eliminates any reasoning to be average - so, let’s go be great instead.

Here are 3 easy steps to being great - not good:

1. Start your day with an honest priority list. Don't lie to yourself, don't fill it with easy things you know you'll naturally get done anyway just to have the 'pat on the back' feeling for crossing things off. Put the real stuff on there, the things you've been telling yourself for months you'll get to and you somehow always postpone it to the next day. WRITE IT DOWN.

It might scare you - but that’s ok. If we didn’t have a little fright in our lives every now and then, life would get pretty darn dull!