Nov 22, 2016


by Vince Vigneri

The theme of the 2016 Global Convention, for BNI Directors from across the world, was Be Passionate, Be Remarkable, BNI!  The convention took place in Anaheim, CA November 9-10, and provided a look back at the last two years as well as a look of what is to come in 2017.  While BNI's vision is "Changing the Way the World Does Business, it is important to remember we are thinking globally, and acting locally!

 A few questions that were asked of us, that I'd like to ask of you also... Will you:

  1. Start everyday with gratitude
  2. Recommit to BNI's Core Values
    • Givers Gain
    • Building Relationships
    • Life Long Learning
    • Traditions Plus Innovation
    • Positive Attitude
    • Accountability
    • Recognition
  3. Make every member's experience remarkable
  4. Care for your health
  5. Care for each other
Vision was one of the key words at this year's event. Many business people have a vision of where they want to take their business. We worked on personal visions, regional visions and even how to create a chapter vision. Part of a chapter's vision is reliant on your chapter's standards and the minimum you expect from each other. Do you have a vision? If the answer is no, it may be time to write the next chapter in your book, or your chapter's book. 


by Brandon Souba

From time to time I will hear a weekly presentation in a chapter, and it sounds like this: “Well…I am booked out for the next few months, so I am not looking for any referrals right now.”


We talk about the VCP (Visibility – Credibility – Profitability) process in BNI and your weekly presentation plays a big part in the Credibility stage. I am a firm believer that the best referrals will come from one to one’s; there really is no substitute for the impact of a personal face to face meeting.  BUT, just because you have a great one to one, it does not mean your weekly presentation is less important. Your presentation reminds your members what referrals you are looking for; it can even be a catalyst to draw people in to scheduling more one to ones with you. When you tell your members you do not want any referrals right now, you shoot yourself in the foot for future opportunities. It puts you back into the visibility stage, and you can also lose credibility. Members see you at the meeting, but stop thinking of you for referrals. 


I still need to follow up on the referral I sent!

Schedule that one to one!

Listen to that podcast…

We have so many distractions in our day to day lives.  So many things that need our attention; cell phones, text messages, emails that just keep coming, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the list goes on.

We are now living in a time that everything is wanted now and the information never stops.  We are pulled in so many directions. As I am typing this my phone has beeped two times.   Yes, I did stop and respond to one of the messages. 


BNI Heartland is highlighting chapters that are aligning themselves with our vision.  This month, we are highlighting the chapter that has aligned itself overall with the vision for the last 12 months.  Since October 1st, 2015, the BNI Rapid Referrals Chapter members have done the following:

TYFCB:           $69,227/member (goal of $66K)

Absences:       3.07 (6 allowed in 12 months)

CEUs:            22.45 (goal of 1/week)

121s:              33.12 (goal of 1/week)

Referrals:       33.72 (goal of 1/week)

Visitors:          1.65 (goal of 1/week)          

Here are some of their insights on achieving our BNI Heartland vision: 


by Vince Vigneri

What does the phrase, Local Business - Global Network, really mean?

Many of you know, I was fortunate enough to travel to Brazil in 2014, and present to BNI Brazil's Directors and Members at their first National Conference. A few years prior to that trip, along with a few others, a training was developed to help BNI Executive Directors all over the world run a more efficient business. I was part of that training team and continue to serve BNI in the capacity of a Global Training Consultant. This information is important as I educate members about the importance of BNI's Global Network...

I visited India the week of July 11th to provide the training mentioned above. Little did I know how much I would learn at the same time. What I knew going in was how well India was doing in 10 years. They are growing rapidly, have some of the largest chapters in the world, and are hungry to continue learning! One of BNI's Core Values is Lifelong Learning!