Jul 17, 2017


by Sarah Mullins

Have you ever had a phenomenal idea, you get it started, it consumes your excitement and energy, and then before you have an opportunity to see the fruits of your idea…. It fizzles?

Let me tell you, I’ve been there - and sometimes, I’m still there! The organization and execution it takes to implement a great idea is a lot more than most assume. It takes dedication, stress, and (most of the time) more help than you planned. So, in respect for the world of great ideas, I’ve created a checklist of what to do when your great idea hits you so you’re not left feeling fizzled and bummed at the end of the day!
First, I want to start this checklist with all of us getting on the same mental plane.  Before you read any further I want you to be in a mental state of…work. I know it’s a 4 letter word that no one thinks they enjoy, but trust me - when you see your wonderful,  amazing, phenomenal idea take form, this 4 letter word will turn into an exciting and motivational call to action!

And now… we work:


by Brandon Souba

This month’s blog was inspired by a purchase my wife made a few months ago, she bought chair socks for our stools and kitchen table chairs.

If you have wood floors you know very well the struggle with having furniture on the floors and not causing scratches. Yes, you can buy a giant rug, but where we have our table and stools that is not a great option, so we have to use the dinky felt pads on the bottom of the legs. I also would like to mention we have a cat and a dog, both of them shed, so we also have a lot of hair that collects on the felt pads. Now every few months, ok to be honest probably more every 8 months, we get sick of little scratches and all the hair and we spend a few hours taking the old pads off, cleaning the chairs, and putting new pads on.


by Brandon Souba

I always try to have some insight and share stories to help you in your BNI and professional world. This month’s blog is a little different.  This time I have a request for you of support, and I have included  the steps on how you can do this.

We have a Podcast for the BNI Heartland region.  If you are a regular listener, thank you.  Please keep reading this blog so you can increase your support and enjoyment of these podcasts.  If you don’t listen to the podcast, please try out a few episodes. I really enjoy making them and we have members from all over the region who have shared experiences and ideas, plus you get a CEU for listening to them!

Here is how you can fully support the podcast for BNI Heartland:


by Ivan Misner and Vince Vigneri

How to use Memory Hooks to Stand Out in a Crowd


I’m often at networking events where I have to stand up and “briefly” introduce myself to many people all at once.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve my introductions?


Memory Hooks are excellent tools to use when you are introducing yourself to many people at networking events.  A Memory Hook is something in your introduction that so vividly describes what you do, that people will be able to visualize it clearly in their mind’s eye.  This visualization of your product or service makes it easier for them to refer you whenever they meet someone who needs your service.


by Nellie Nutting

On my last Blog I confessed that I had been feeling the need to play HIDE and SEEK – perhaps more hiding at the time.  I shared how easy it would be in a new place to just be invisible and not go out seeking to meet people.  Perhaps it is my age that has me dreading being uncomfortable, or perhaps it is just human nature – regardless, putting myself “out there” seems to get harder each year.

This brings me to contemplate the importance (and really the genius) of BNI’s weekly meetings and attendance policy.  Let’s be honest – if you didn’t have the incentive of the membership committees form letter or the financial investment of time and money, wouldn’t it be easy to just skip out a few times because you are not feeling it?  But more often than not, even if I was not excited to get myself ready for that 7am meeting, it becomes the catalyst to my whole week of awesomeness!