Dec 14, 2017


By Sarah Mullins

"Silent gratitude isn’t of much use to anyone." That’s why I’m here to tell you a re-cap that turned into a story of gratefulness.

After 7+ years in the organization, BNI has continually pushed me to be beyond myself, to look first to others and then be grateful for what comes back to me. I attended BNI Global Convention 2017, and the experience, just like every other BNI experience, has simply… grown me.


by Pete Kleinjan
BNI Business For Breakfast Chapter - Sioux Falls, SD

During the most recent round of BNI Heartland chapter leadership training, Vince mentioned that
filling out your BNI Connect profile helps your rankings on Google. This kind of activity is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization, which happens to be our core business at Tiger29 - Sioux Falls SEO.

Vince is right. When you fill out your profile page at BNI, it shows up on a Google search for your name. Mine shows up fairly high if you search Google for Pete Kleinjan Sioux Falls. That’s great, but not too a big of a deal. The only people searching my name and city already know about me.

The BIG deal is that you can influence search engine result pages by COMPLETELY filling out your information on BNI Connect. Your company can show up more often for people who don't already know about you. It can help your company website rankings for generic searches like:
  • Omaha Plumber
  • Sioux Falls Handyman
  • Sioux City Roofers
  • Rapid City DUI Lawyer
  • Gillette Furnace Repair

Fill Out Your Profile!


by Brandon Souba

If I gave you the opportunity to enter in to a drawing for 1 million dollars and it was the same cost for 45 entries as it would be for 53 entries, how many entries would you put in?  If there was a sale at the store for your favorite beverage and once again for the same cost you could get 45 units or 53 units, how many would you take?  If your cable provider offered you the movie channels for the same cost if you choose HBO or HBO plus Showtime and Cinemax, what would you choose?  In this day and age I know people will take things they don’t need just because the price is the same either way.

If you get to give your Featured Presentation 1 more time than other members in the chapter, are you getting more out of your investment?  If you get to ask your chapter for a specific referral 53 times and other members only get to ask 45 times, are you getting more out of your investment?
I ask all this because the holiday season is just around the corner. Some chapters will have everyone decide if they should meet and others will leave the decision with the Leadership Team. But I want you to really think about having your meeting even during the busy holiday season.


by Carrie Langston

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want” Zig Ziglar In BNI, we are all family. We are family with those in our chapter as well as those in ANY BNI chapter. We have similar goals, visions and ethics. We share a commitment to “Giver’s Gain”. Givers Gain is a philosophy based on the law of reciprocity. If I give business to the member’s of my chapter, those members will want to give business to me in return. How often do you hear of someone needing “help” (or a referral) for something that isn’t represented in your chapter? How often do you give that referral to someone you know outside of BNI? How often do you find a profession in another BNI chapter besides your own that could serve as that referral source? Cross Chapter Referrals are a great way to keep those referrals within the BNI Family, contributing to the Giver’s Gain we all strive for as well as increasing referrals given for yourself and potential Thank You for Closed Business for a fellow BNI “family member”. BNI Connect and BNI Heartland websites make it very simple to find that profession you are searching for to supply that needed referral connection. As BNI members we have access to an enormous data base of respected, ethical and trusted professionals. Make the most of that useful benefit to live out “Giver’s Gain” and keep your referrals in the BNI Family!



By Nellie Nutting

I am a Gemini.  According to, “Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and those born under this sign (between May 21st and June 21st) will be quick to tell you all about it. That's because they love to talk!”  Although that does, at times, describe me, like most people I have another side – a greyer, more reserved and unenthusiastic side as well.  Because of my astrology sign as a twin – I have an excuse for being this way, right?? So what is everyone else’s excuse?? 

This leads me to my topic – ENERGY: Positive and negative.