• Monthly Leadership Team Meetings
  • Inducting New and Renewing Members
  • Conducting New Member Orientation
  • Supply Orders


  • Enter PALMS Weekly
    • Please remember to record "lates" in the PALMS when you record a member's absence.
    • If your chapter has missed, or when they do miss, a meeting for a Holiday or weather, then please mark your chapter's PALMS report as a Holiday (Option button at the bottom of the PALMS).
  • Encourage the use of BNI Connect
    • Complete Profile Page
    • Enter Slips Online
      • Tracking
      • Accountability
      • Return On Investment
  • Review Pending Members in Operations


  • Enter Visitors - This has been very helpful when converting a visitor to member.
    • OR ensure Visitors are being entered by the Visitor Host team
  • Enter New Members
    • Use the date on the application
    • Gives them immediate access to BNIConnect
    • Verify payment for both new members and renewing members
  • Ensure New Members attend Member Success Program
  • Announce Renewals Due during the Chapter Meeting
    • Remind members that when they complete their renewal online, select a payment type.  The payment type can be "other," but something needs to be selected in order to complete the renewal process.
  • As you enter the members into the Speaker Rotation on Connect, enter a topic.  A topic could be the member's classification and specialization.
  • Only deposit Chapter Funds into Chapter Checking Accounts