Mar 29, 2018


by Vince Vigneri

I spoke in our State of The Region Video, about all the great things that occurred in the Heartland in the last year... I found myself PROUD to share that with you, and I 'hope' you are proud to be a part of BNI Heartland - Changing The Way The Heartland Does Business!!!.

What I came to realize after the video was released, was that so much occurred even before that moment in time.  You see changes happen over time, but that moment, when something is officially different, is what we tend to remember the most...

Think about it, the BNI Connect Mobile App didn't just happen overnight, right? (I know you are laughing, but I am being serious!) It took time, a significant amount of time, but it has been well worth it! Why do I bring this up?  Many of you asked for the app, and many of you are using it. It is a tool to increase your efficiency in your business, and in BNI.  For those of you that had been around, you were asking for it and patiently waiting. NOW it is here...

Mar 21, 2018


by Ray Huse

As a father of teenagers, it seems all the best moments of parenting are behind me. The first steps, first words, first days of school happened so long ago. They’re just memories.

Recently, I had the chance to experience a new parental first: my daughter got her first car! Her joy and enthusiasm could not be held in as she danced around her new passport to freedom. I was jealous.

I couldn’t remember when I had been that excited about anything.

Then I started my new role, with BNI. I was excited about all the possibilities and opportunities. Things I’d heard like “Givers Gain” and “VCP” took things I’ve always sort of known, but turned it into a proven system where everybody wins. How cool! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Sign me up!


by Brandon Souba

There is an Executive Director named Tom Fleming who did a break-out training at conference titled “Earn More to Learn More.” I recently did an education piece on this at a chapter going through the Diamond Growth Program and it got me thinking - when do we stop learning?  Can you answer that? Did you go to college? Did you continue you education path after your first degree? Did you get a GED?

No matter what your answer is to the following questions, one thing is true.  You NEVER stop learning! Now what you choose to learn is up to you, but even if your boss at a job is teaching you how to mop the floors, you are learning. So what are you choosing to learn now?


by Nellie Nutting

Authentic – Emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life.  

Authenticity – The quality of being authentic. 

My career change began 15 years ago.  I was teaching at the community college level when I desired the opportunity to have flexibility and freedom in my work environment.  I wanted to live an authentic life – where my values could be lived out daily.

Feb 19, 2018


by Vince Vigneri

During International Networking Week, we celebrated our Core Value of Recognition by holding our Annual BNI Heartland Recognition Events in Lincoln and Omaha, NE, Casper and Gillette, WY, and Rapid City and Sioux Falls, SD - AND over 30% of our members attended! Thank you to all of those in attendance!!!

We recognized many individuals, as well as the chapters in our area for their accomplishments during 2017. Each event began with Cross-Chapter Open Networking, followed by a brief statement about our regions' accomplishments, a video showing The History of BNI, and our Strategic Plan: