Nov 27, 2020

Marketing by the Numbers (12-4-2-2-2)

by Nellie Nutting

It’s 6 am and I am up early on my computer – ready for yet another Zoom Meeting. During this strange time of COVID 19, many of my friends are spending hours learning new technology skills and honing a few others. 

Attending virtual meetings, listening to podcasts, watching webinars, and ordering my groceries online are among the activities that have increased in my world. 

A few weeks ago, our County 4 Connector Education Coordinator introduced a marketing concept that she had heard on The Official BNI Podcast, number 621 – Doing an Annual Marketing Plan, with Jared Yellin. (Listen to the podcast by clicking here.) I found it very interesting and decided to explore it further to see if I could implement his plan. Here is the basic outline and my takeaways.

Nov 25, 2020

All About Attitude

By Carrie Dorhout

"Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill." - W.C. Fields

When you hear the word "Attitude," you probably think about teenagers. I know that I have had more than a few conversations with my teenagers about their attitudes. Somehow they take a lot of heat for having attitudes, and maybe rightfully so for some. The Miriam-Webster Dictionary definition of "attitude" is: "a position assumed for a specific purpose, a mental position with regard to a fact or state, a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state." This final definition is, however, my favorite - a bodily state of readiness to respond in a characteristic way to a stimulus (such as an object, concept, or situation). I love this definition because it implies we have a choice to take action regarding attitude. It isn't just something within us. 

Oct 28, 2020

Plan. Don't Panic!

by Jodi Freeman

What happens when life throws you or your business a curveball?  Do you panic, or do you have a plan?  

The answer should be that you have a plan, and not be left scrambling.  Call it being proactive.  It’s difficult to think clearly when you’re in a panic.  Stressing and fumbling to come up with answers is never fun when curveballs are flying at our faces. 

This year feels like it has been one giant contingency plan.  How many of us were cruising along with the status quo until mid-March?  Even back in January, when we first heard about a possible pandemic, I just shrugged it off.  I was thinking about what “Vision 2020” looked like for my business.  I know others who did the same.

When spring rolled in, many of us were in a mess and wondering what the next few weeks would look like.  Then what we were worried about for “just a few weeks” started looking like it might be around a month or two. Now, we’re several months into all sorts of unprecedented obstacles and situations.  So how do we overcome these challenges?

Aug 5, 2020

What Do I Wear?

by Carrie Dorhout 

‘Common sense is genius dressed in it’s working clothes’
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

What do I wear to a BNI Meeting?

The question comes up from time to time from visitors, guests, substitutes, and even members. Our quick and simple answer is to dress according to your profession. For example, if you are a business professional, business attire is standard. If you represent a trade profession in your chapter, something more casual may be appropriate. We don't expect a painter to show up in a three-piece suit, or a lawyer to show up in cut off jeans and flip flops. Credibility is inevitably gained when the clothes match the profession. 

However, business casual is a standard for many, and the word “casual” can be a pretty vague term, so let’s explore that a little more.