Aug 16, 2012


BNI of The Heartland Directors Receive CEU's at National Conference

Dr. Ivan Misner addressed a very well attended National Conference of Executive Directors and director consultants in St. Louis, May 17-19.  Seven of our Heartland directors and two spouses were inspired and received further training on topics including BNI connect, branding commitment, and of course more statistical information to help us become better networkers when it comes to the opposite sex.

Michael Gerber, author of the EMyth, addressed the audience on the importance of a system in your business.  Success in business is created by the entrepreneurs dreams and his ability to recreate it within a system.

Who's in your room?  This was an interesting question posed by Ivan as it pertained to our chapters?  He emphasized that the quality of our chapters is a direct reflection of who we allow to join our organizations.  Membership committees are the doormen to allow folks in that display our chapter values.  If we become the people that we hang out with, would we want to create a higher standard of business professionals to be associated with in our chapters?

It Takes "Courage" to lead a chapter well with character, inspiration, and with the true motivation of helping others make more money in their businesses.  Dawn Lyons challenged all of us to lead with vision and make sure that our regions move toward it.

Submitted by Cheryl Hansen of Referral Institute Nebraska