Aug 16, 2012



This month you won't want to miss...

In August we will be holding our Advanced Leadership Training where our current teams will be handing over their legacy to the new team. This is an event for both outgoing and incoming leadership teams. It is an opportunity to network with leaders in other chapters.

This is an excellent lead in to our September Chapter Success Workshops (formerly known just as "Leadership Training"). Previously we only required Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Secretary/Treasurers to attend, but we found, as more support team members attended, how much more effective, and efficient, our chapters were. Now we have up to 15 members, and sometimes more, for our chapters. This is a workshop you will want to attend, whether in Omaha or Lincoln!
It is important to remember that two of BNI’s goals are:
1) To educate members that networking is more about “farming” than it is about “hunting”; it is about cultivating relationships.
2) To better educate, guide and inform members in the process of developing a Word-of-Mouth based business.