Aug 16, 2012


This month's tip on using BNI Global Connect:  BNI Connect is an online social media platform for BNI Members only.  To participate in BNI Connect, please join a local BNI chapter. If you have not set up a username or password, please email us for access.

Note: You will now see webinars listed on our regional event calendar for your benefit. Those items are listed as BNI Connect Webinars followed by a specific topic, such as Chapter Webmasters, Member Profiles, Chapter Reports, Social Media and others.

Once you are logged into the system there are some important items you will want to update, as well as providing additional information so BNI members worldwide can contact you and connect. In the upper right hand corner there is a button labeled “My Account” you will want to click. From there you can make changes or add information to your Main Profile, your User Profile, your Contact Details, your Account Settings, and your Bio.  At the bottom of each of those pages you will want to remember to click the “update” button.

This site is your gateway to BNI members in your chapter, in our region, and in the world. Who do you want to connect with? Friends, or family, that are BNI members in other states; business colleagues; potential referral sources… the easier it is for them to find you will make it easier for you to give referrals to members all  over the world, potentially.

One of the most important pieces is the “bio” because this is your tool inside your chapter and outside your chapter. This can be used when you are a speaker, or when you have a meeting (one-to-one) with another member. There is information about you, your business, your family, and your interests. There is also an area to share your “tops” profile as well as your Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, and Skills. Meanwhile, in the “main profile” you are able to add information about your business as well as keywords that others will be able to find you by searching. In the “user profile” area you can add a picture and a business logo. “Contact Details” can be as simple as phone numbers and emails or as detailed as your social networking links (Facebook, Twitter, etc), while “Account settings” are the settings that tell us how you want your profile shown and where you want it shown. You can be as private, or as public, as you want to be or need to be depending on your profession and any compliance guidelines you need to follow.

Suggested actions:
  1. Update your BIO
  2. Check out the webinars