Aug 16, 2012


Each month we will be providing some additional education for you, our members. To lay the ground work, it is important to be mindful of our Mission and our Core Values:

The Mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals…
BNI’s Core Values:
*A Philosophy of “Givers Gain”
*Building Business through Meaningful Relationships
*Education and Training…it’s our focus!
*Traditions plus Innovation
*Positive Attitude

As a member who first became mindful of BNI 14 years ago, I always heard that doubling the size of your chapter would triple the amount of referrals passed and closed business received. Our education over the next few months will be around how you can triple your business and referrals by helping your chapter members as well.

Are you doing your P.A.R.T? (Purpose, Accountable, Results, Teamwork)
What is your Purpose? (this could be your purpose, personally, in business, or in your chapter) needs to be defined. Once you know your purpose, you need to be Accountable to yourself, by teaming up with an accountability partner. Why? When you set goals and have someone holding you accountable you are much more likely to reach your goal (purpose) and they are too. This helps to solidify the philosophy of BNI: Givers Gain! Using each other to track your Results will make it clear to you that your purpose is always changing as your goals change. You are also able to set, and reach, higher goals, because of Teamwork! TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More!!!

You already started by reading this blog!!! Go back to your chapter and report it using a yellow CEU form. You can also subscribe to BNI Successnet, BNI Podcast, Networking Now, or Businessnetworking, just to name a few. Read or listen to one item a week from those, or other BNI educational tools, like the BNI Connect Webinars (did you know post).  Remember to report it and share what you learned.

Education is an important aspect of business, and BNI is about business, specifically YOUR business. If you are committed to learning, you are already in the upper echelon of your colleagues, so keep it going and let others know, because they want to be up at the top of their industry also.  Education is just one area that can help you triple your business.

In the next few months we will cover our one-to-one meetings and inviting business associates to attend your meeting as a couple additional ways. Think of what your chapter would look like with twice as many people in the room every week, but better yet, think of what your business would look like with twice as many people hearing your message, every week!

Submitted by Vince Vigneri