Sep 25, 2012


Each month, we will be spotlighting a chapter by order of inception.  We will be highlighting some key success factors as well as the chapter’s answers to our questions.

The Tuesday at the Top Chapter has been a BNI chapter in Lincoln, NE since January 1, 1998.  Currently, they are one of many BNI chapters at Hy-Vee (50th and O) and they meet on Tuesdays from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  The following are some key success factors for Tuesday at the Top since October 1, 2011:

§  They have an attendance percentage of 98.67%, which is the highest in the region.

§  The chapter’s retention is at 81%, which is above the region’s average of 72.67%.

What is your #1 goal as a chapter?
To grow two fold, grow quality referrals and quality members.  When you RECEIVE quality referrals and when GROW quality membership, you have FUN.

What is your chapter's key to success?
Our priorities are maintaining culture, structure, and policy, in that order.  “Culture eats strategy.”  The group balances it very well, and has fun.

What is your favorite chapter meeting stimulant?
We have a lot of fun with props in our Sale Manager Moments.  Every so often, we announce that next week that you need to bring a prop that compliments your S.M.M.  Some people get very creative and there are tons of laughs and new insights.

How do you keep the FUN in FUNdamentals?
If you can’t have fun at BNI then when can you?  BNI is fun when you embrace “Giver’s Gain,” you respect the process, and honestly just relax a little bit.  We have fun because we’ve made the effort to get to know one another (outside of meetings).  We are comfortable with each other.