Nov 13, 2012


The BNI Business Builders Chapter has been a BNI chapter in Omaha, NE since March 1, 1999.  They meet at Valentino’s (108th and John Galt Blvd) on Wednesdays from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  

The following are some key success factors for the BNI Business Builders Chapter:

  • They average .94 referrals per member per week.
  • Their retention is above the region’s average of 72.67%.

What is your #1 goal as a chapter?
Growth in membership, the rest will follow.

What is your chapter's key to success?
Membership retention and growth.

What is your favorite chapter meeting stimulant?
Anything that allows membership to learn more about each other.

How do you keep the FUN in FUNdamentals?
Fun is fine as long as it does not cloud the real reason all of us to attend BNI, and that is to grow our business.