Dec 18, 2012


History was made during the week of December 10th when nearly 900 small businesses in Nebraska, Southwest Iowa, Wyoming and Western South Dakota and over 6000 businesses throughout the US participated in the very first Small Business Stimulus Week.  The focus of this initiative was for local businesses to stimulate their potential sales by referring business to each other.   Vince Vigneri,  an Omaha resident and the Executive Director of BNI Heartland (Nebraska, Southwest Iowa, Wyoming and Western South Dakota ) is one of the seven Founding Directors of Small Business Stimulus Week and which had over 7000 businesses from 13 states participating.    

During the week, businesses focused on how many referrals they could pass to each other in their local community.  In the Heartland over 800 referrals were passed totaling over $2.7 Million in local business potential.  For the Heartland businesses that participated the average referral was worth $3300.  That was over 3 times what was expected.  Truly and outstanding job by local business professionals!!!
One of the reasons for this initiative was to get small businesses to focus on becoming their own community and support system.  This initiative will take place twice per year; during the third week of July and the first full week of December.  Nationwide numbers are still being reported.