Feb 11, 2013


by Kris and Vince Vigneri, and Cheryl Hansen

It is no secret that we are all involved in BNI to put more money in our pockets. The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, fun, positive and professional, word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.
We achieve our mission through our Core Values:
·         A Philosophy of "Givers Gain"
·         Building Business through meaningful relationships
·         Education and training. It's our focus!
·         Traditions plus innovation
·         Positive Attitude

And our Vision pulls it all together! In the fall during our leadership transition we unveiled our Regional Vision of 40 + 6 + 4 + 4 + 1 = $5500 (per month). The 40 = 40 members. When each of those 40 members passes 6 referrals per month, does 4 one-to-ones per month, earns 4 CEU credits per month and brings 1 visitors per month, an additional $5500 will be added to their pocket! These are all numbers that you, personally and individually, can impact directly!

We will break it down a little bit for you to show you how easy it can be to change the dynamics of a chapter and your business. Take it upon yourself to bring a visitor every month and see the results that you alone can have on the chapter. With 12 visitors a year, you would be responsible for at least 2 new members. As your chapter grows all the other numbers are affected positively. The referral velocity would grow and more referrals would be passed through more one-to-ones.

In addition, we all are familiar with continuing education for our businesses, and BNI provides numerous educational opportunities for you, both locally, face-to-face, and through webinars and other online functions. Be sure to take advantage of the offerings: this blog, Successnet, BNI podcastsBusinessnetworking.com, Networkingnow.com, Member Success Program, Advanced Training, books and many additional areas.

Think of your business goals and answer this question: What was your return on your marketing investment last year? Do you know the answer? When you do, and then break it down by your marketing avenues, you will calculate your ROI.   Last year our average member put $21,000 in their pocket and as we all move toward a shared vision, we will begin to see that number move higher, nearly tripling. You can make a difference today, and while you are making a difference in your chapter, see the difference you make in your business!

How about tracking where you specifically are today?   All of this is compiled into a member traffic lights spreadsheet. You can find this document within www.BNIconnect.com under the documents section. There are five matrices that are tracked, over a six month rolling basis, and tabulated, each of which can earn a maximum of 20 points for a total of 100 points possible. These are all things, again, that you can control. We all control our own destiny.

The first number calculated is attendance, and because trust takes time it is an important to attend your BNI chapter meeting. While we encourage you to send a sub if you cannot be there, full credit each meeting is given for you being there, being on time, while having a sub counts for partial credit.

Referrals passed per week is the second number. BNI is about passing business to our fellow members and helping each other grow. So over a six month rolling basis, the maximum credit earned is for passing an average of one referral per meeting.

The third area is visitors per meeting per week and to get the maximum credit bring one visitor per month. The fourth and fifth matrices are one-to-ones and CEUs per week, and maximum potential is when you have or do 1 per week on average.

While we are all striving to be in the fast lane and green is what we want to put in our pockets, yellow lights keep us all functioning to the fullest. As you look at this report, possibly for the first time, you make find some areas where you realize you can make positive changes for you, your chapter, and your business. Embrace all this information and you too will be moving towards putting $5500 per month in your pocket!