Apr 15, 2013


Success! The BNI Connect Upgrade is Complete!

BNI Connect has been successfully upgraded. We hope you enjoy the new enhancements, features and fixes!

A few things to be excited about:
  • You can now submit online Thank You For Closed Business slips for BNI (past members or alumni) and Visitors!
  • When the referral status is updated in the Referral Tracking Sheet, the referral giver will see the status change in their My Referrals Report!
  • Chapter Goals results are now updated instantly!
  • Mentoring relationships can now be changed or cancelled even after the email campaign has begun!
  • The Growth Coordinator position has now been added to the Leadership Team management screen and related reports and functions!
  • Event Reminders can now be customized.
  • The search function for members regional websites has been completely redesigned making it easier for our members to be found and referred by anyone accessing your public website!
  • The Find A Chapter function on the regional websites has been dramatically improved making it easier for prospective members to find a chapter to visit!

Upcoming BNI Connect Webinars 

Note:  All Webinars are scheduled and listed in US PACIFIC TIME.  When you register, it will show in this time zone.  Use the Add To Calendar link to have it added to your calendar in the correct time zone or to convert to your timezone, please click herehttp://timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

All Webinars are scheduled for 30 minutes for the lesson plus Q&A.  We will always be happy to stay connected until all questions are answered!

For a description of each webinar, please click here.
Most webinars are recorded.  You can find recent webinars on our YouTube Channel.