Jun 11, 2013


Two of BNI’s goals are (1) to educate members that networking is more about farming than it is about hunting—it is about cultivating relationships, and (2) to better educate, guide, and inform members in the process of developing a wordof-mouth-based business.

Accomplishing these goals requires a commitment from the source (BNI), and a commitment from each member. The arena for achieving success is the chapter meetings. Members teach the other members about their respective businesses, and the chapter Education Coordinator shares word-of-mouth insight that has been documented or experienced. Success is generated through the referrals passed and the relationships that develop as a result.

Some of the keys to effective word-of-mouth education are solid Sales Manager Minutes and Showcase Presentations, putting together a Power Team that truly complements your profession, developing an easy-to-implement plan that puts the “givers gain” philosophy of BNI at the forefront of helping others achieve positive results and providing fellow members with from-the-heart testimonials that applaud the credibility of the members’ hard work.

In addition, you can polish your skills by reading articles and books, and listening to CDs about the art of networking. The BNI website, www.bni.com, provides specific recommendations in the BNI Store section. Meet outside of your chapter to have one-toone meetings to learn and teach each other about the businesses the two of you represent.

In summary, make education a priority of your networking experience. The more you learn, the stronger your referrals and relationships will become as you solidify your business’ foundation.

Here are some of the ways to earn CEU (Chapter/Continuing Education Units):
  1. Regional Blog – (YOU ARE HERE) Regional Blog can be found on the Regional website. They are typically updated a few times a month. The Podcasts discuss topics of interest as well as suggesting ways for members to get the most value from their BNI membership, they also offers insight into developing business through networking and word-of-mouth marketing.
  2. SuccessNet Online – The BNI Newsletter. SuccessNet Online is a monthly publication that provides BNI members and individuals with valuable word-of-mouth education and information. It can be obtained through BNI’s website. Articles and sections of the publication are excellent tools for Education Coordinators. It is important for BNI members, especially Education Coordinators, sign-up to receive this valuable tool. To sign-up, simply go to the BNI International website and click on the “SuccessNet” link. 
  3. BNI Podcast - The Official BNI Podcast is a weekly audio discussion with Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. Each week Dr. Misner creates a new podcast which discusses topics of interest as well as suggesting ways for members to get the most value from their BNI membership, Dr. Misner also offers insight into developing business through networking and word-of-mouth marketing. The podcasts can be found at www.bnipodcast.com.
  4. BNI Books - (Most of these books are available by contacting your chapter director.) Success comes to those who work for it. There are many books that could be used as materials for the Education Coordinator to prepare topics for the chapter members. Some of the most popular books which have been written by Dr. Ivan Misner are as follows: 
    • Masters of Sales
    • Masters of Success
    • Masters of Networking
    • Business by Referral
    • The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret
    • It's In The Cards
    • Truth or Delusion - Busting Networking's Biggest Myths
    • The 29% Solution
    • Networking Like a Pro
    • Business Networking and Sex (Not What You Think)
    • Room Full of Referrals
  5. Audio CD’s - There are many audio CD’s available for many subjects. These are recordings made from various BNI conferences. Please check with your chapter director to obtain a CD on a particular subject area.
  6. Regional Website - There are numerous tools, workshops, and articles available within the download section of the regional website. Please contact the regional office to obtain the password to this section.