Jul 16, 2013


This year's Member Extravaganza was a huge success. Over 60% of our region's chapters held a regional event, and those chapters saw an average increase of more than 3 members. We added a few incentives this year to our usual trip for two.

Our first incentive, to the chapter with the most new members, goes to this year's leader with 13 new members during April and May, the BNI Network Partners Chapter in Rapid City, SD. Congratulations to the entire chapter, both veteran and new members.

We also added an incentive for any member that sponsored two or more members into a chapter. Congratulations to the 25 members who qualified for this incentive, a Kindle Fire. The winner, also from the BNI Network Partners Chapter is Lori Eichert. Congratulations and enjoy.

Our last addition this year, to members who sponsored a new member during April and May AND their chapter added 3-5 new members, we gave away a digital camera. Congratulations to the 9 chapters and their members who qualified:  Money Makers, Multiply Your Profits, Good 2 Great, Business Boosters, Rainmakers, Fremont Professional Partners, Business & Breakfast, Lincoln Referral Group, and Success Unlimited. Our winner, Dr. Denneal Stauffer, from BNI Good to Great Chapter in Lincoln, NE. 

Last but not least, our main event, a drawing for members who sponsored a new member AND their chapter added 6 or more new members during April and May. This year, as previously reported, is a trip to Orlando, FL in October. This year we had the privilege to award two winners with 10 chapters qualifying. Congratulations to all our who qualified:  Network Partners, Black Hills, Canyon Connections, Rushmore, Sheridan, Biz Boosters, Paying It Forward, Profit Powerhouse, Seward County, and Sarpy Synergy. Our winners, from BNI Network Partners Chapter in Rapid City, SD, is Jennifer Orris, and our winner, from BNI Sarpy Synergy Chapter in Papillion, NE, is Beth Garza.

Once again, congratulations to all who qualified for our various incentives. We look forward to a profitable remainder of 2013 as we continue toward our region's vision of 40 + 6 + 4 + 4 + 1 = $5500, per month.