Jul 16, 2013


We previously covered the importance of education within the framework of BNI. Now we will cover the importance of training and where to go for the education.

By now you should be aware that a membership requirement is attendance at Member Success Program. Why? you ask.

As the name implies, BNI wants you to be a successful member... overnight. So the more important question is actually WHY NOT? While most of the information is specific to your BNI membership and the BNI agenda, the training also provides you with education that you use when you attend other networking events, including but not limited to, Service Clubs, Professional Organizations, Chamber Meetings, etc. This is important because these are the places where your referrals come from within your BNI framework.

Now there is a myth out there we need to cover. It is thought by some that when you apply to a BNI chapter and you are accepted that you can no longer network anywhere else. Not only is that a myth, it's flat out the opposite of what we train. In fact we encourage involvement in 3-5 networking groups, but only one BNI chapter. Think about it this way, without your other relationships what is the extent of your network? And if you have more than one BNI chapter, to whom do you pass the referral that arises?

Now that you understand more about why our Member Success Program is important to you and to your fellow members, we want to ask you to consider, seriously, our upcoming first-ever Advanced Member Success Training. Member Success is for everyone, yet we are constantly being asked for more information, more education, and more training. Would you like to learn how to get 4-5 referrals per week? If so you do not want to miss this opportunity as we have not yet set a schedule for this training moving forward. Something to consider as well... While you may attend and learn everything about how to make this happen, it will only help you, and your fellow members, if they are there as well. So encourage your fellow members to come with you, your contact sphere, your power team, even your leadership team.