Oct 9, 2013


We have some great news to announce. BNI Eastern South Dakota and Northwest Iowa is now part of BNI Heartland as is Cheyenne and Larmie, WY. These additions make our regional footprint all of Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming, as well as the I29 corridor of Iowa.

Brian Wollman, Executive Director for BNI Eastern South Dakota and Northwest Iowa, will be part of our team, but turn his focus to growth in the area, as we focus to build a team of Directors and Ambassadors in Eastern South Dakota and Northwest Iowa.

A year ago in Nebraska, Western South Dakota, and Wyoming we began to focus on our region's vision. That vision is a success formula, 40+6+4+4+1= $5500, and this is defined in our previous article, Striving for Green in 2013. By reaching these goals, then each member should be receiving $5500 of Thank You for Closed Business each month.