Nov 12, 2013


Many people don’t know where to start with BNI Connect, so we are going to start at the beginning, with building your visibility. At first encounter, BNI Connect can overwhelm a user to the point of inaction. 

To make it easier, BNI is rolling out a 12-month program called “Get Connected, Stay Connected” to help members use the system, the better to do business and refer business around the world. Starting October 1st, 2013, there will be a podcast the first week of every month talking about that month’s focus on BNI Connect.

BNI has more than 150,000 members worldwide, and BNI Connect enables them to conduct business globally. This service is only available to BNI members and comes free with your BNI membership.
Even if you only do business locally, people who travel into your area can use BNI Connect to find you and do business with you.
Get Connected, Stay Connected is a program that we are very excited about, and we are very happy that it is finally here. It has been in the stages for a few months. There has been a lot of do it, try it, fix it processes through writing it up. We have the system down. October is our first month and we are very excited about this.
It all basically starts with you, the member. We want to teach our members how to engage in BNI Connect. One thing that I hear a lot is, “There is just so much stuff in BNI Connect. I don’t know where to start.” So we took that to heart, and we are going to start at the beginning. That is Build Your Visibility.
I am not the most computer literate person in the world. I actually wrote these steps as I completed my own profile in BNI Connect. I know that even the person who is the most scared of computers will be able to go through this step by step. We take them through- the first thing is what to do. Go to “Update Profile”> “My BNI Page” and then we take you through all the different tabs- what you can click on, what you want the public to see, what you want BNI members to see.
There are different things on keywords. Keywords are very important for members to list about their business. If you are in computers, you want to list all of the things, the jargon, that is affiliated with computers so people mostly know how to search for you.
Most people do not search for a specific category. They search for what they are looking for. It is very important to fill in the keywords under “Profile” so people can find you. That is the whole thing about visibility- if you do not do any of this, you become that networking cave dweller. You sit in your cave waiting for people to come. We are going to get you out of your cave and help you do that.
We are also going to walk you through how to upload your picture, how to upload your logo for your company. People like to see who they are doing business with. You can go to somebody’s profile and there is no picture, or you can go to somebody’s profile and there is a nice, professional portrait and you have a good feeling that you know who you are doing business with.
There is a lot of good information out there. Contact details, what you want people in the general public to see. How do you want them to get a hold of you- a phone number, email address. The email address is not listed, but they can send you an email.
Watch for future month's topics:

  • November—Engage in Networking Education
  • December—Get to Know a Referral Source
  • January—Pass a Referral Online
  • February—Thank a Referral Source
  • March—Check Your Progress
  • April—Invite a Visitor
  • May—Promote a Fellow Member
  • June—Build Your Network
  • July—Join a Group
  • August—Thank a Referral Source
  • September—Tell a Story from the Last 12 Months

BNI Connect will have a tremendous impact on the ROI you receive for your BNI investment. So why not Get Connected--Stay Connected? It will only take five minutes a month!
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