Feb 14, 2014


How to impress someone without saying a word
By Niiraj R Shah and Vince Vigneri

How do some people appear to be more confident in every situation? They seem to walk into a room and have confidence oozing out of their pores! The amazing thing is that being confident is a skill that can be learnt. Here are some tips to boost your self confidence in any networking situation. It is possible to convey a confident first impression without even uttering a word.

Research by communications experts have shown that non verbal communication, the way you look and the way you move is more than 80 percent of someone’s first impression of you. Not a single word needs to be said!

People are able to pick up various facets of your personality from the way you look and how you move. We are constantly being bombarded with information and to make sense of the world we make quick judgements about situations and people. People take an instant mental picture and make judgements of up to 11 things about you – from what they think you earn, to your personal hygiene and these impressions can last for a couple of months. So it’s vital that we learn to create a great first impression.

So what are some of the things that you can do with your body language that will immediately boost your confidence?

1. Posture your way to Confidence
The easiest way to come across as charismatic and confident is to stand upright, with your shoulders back, head looking up, smile on your face and a have a direct steady gaze.

2. Visualise yourself to Confidence
Mentally rehearse standing tall and see yourself mixing confidently and effortlessly with people. Imagine that you are meeting an old friend, partner or client that you have lost touch with. Use your senses to make the mental film more vivid and enjoyable. Notice how you are standing and moving in this film as you feel great. You’ll soon find yourself coming across confidently.

3. A confidence trick to walk into a roomful of strangers
I often walk into networking functions where I do not know anyone, but I manage to leave with lots of contacts that would love to meet me after. So what was my little trick? I used to walk across the room with a confident posture and with certainty. As I walked if any of the people made eye contact with me I would smile and nod in acknowledgement. In their minds they would be thinking “Maybe I know this person? He seems to know me.” I would make a mental note of these people but I wouldn’t stop until I had reached the other end of the room and then I would do an about turn and confidently walk back to the person who I had acknowledged before and introduce myself with a simple “Hello” and a smile.

4. Dress for Success
An important way in which to create the right self image is to dress for success. Use the help of a personal shopper or personal stylist to help you dress for various occasions. Make sure that you know what sort of attire will be worn at your next function. Will it be formal or informal? Dress appropriately for the occasion. Make sure that your outfit is well co-ordinated. For a formal business function a dark suit with a simple tie and white shirt with well polished black formal shoes is generally a good bet for men. It’s better to be a little overdressed then underdressed. A useful question to ask yourself when wondering what to wear is: “What would I wear if I was meeting my number one best client?”

Finally make sure that what you wear is in line with the personality and the impression you want to create. Dressing right will certainly help boost your confidence.