May 21, 2014


As we continue to support the 'Get Connected, Stay Connected' campaign from BNI HQ, we will summarize the monthly topic here and included links to the previous month as well. 

Last month's topic was "Invite a Visitor"

Below is the step-by-step process for you to complete for this month’s portion of the “Get Connected - Stay Connected!” campaign.

  1. Login to BNI Connect.  If you have not yet registered for BNI Connect, go to BNI Connect and click on the “New to BNI Connect? Register Now” link and follow the directions provided.
  2. Click on “My Network”
  3. In the “Connections” box, click on “Manage”
  4. Click on one of the people in your connections list
  5. Click on “Give _________ a Testimonial”
  6. Type up a testimonial on why people should do business with this person or a story about your experience with them.
  7. Click Submit!
  8. To ensure you are notified every time someone gives you a Testimonial, in your “Account Settings” make sure that the “Forward My Recommendation Requests to my email address” is clicked “Yes”
Here is a link to a video and step by step screenshots to the instructions above:

Here is a link to a SuccessNet article on giving good testimonials -

Here is a  link to a Podcast Dr. Misner did on testimonials - 

Here is a recent BNI Podcast Episode 355 – Promote A Fellow Member

Last but not least, a BNI Connect Visual Guide and Walkthrough Document on Giving BNI Connect Testimonials

Now you’re ready to Get Connected - Stay Connected! Set a goal submitting a testimonial at least once each week!

If you joined BNI after October 1, 2013, please visit Educational-Moments to find previous months campaigns.