Jul 1, 2014


The BNI SuccessAlliance Chapter has been a chapter in Omaha since January 2008.  They meet at the Millard Plaza Ballroom on Thursdays from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM.  The following are some key success factors for the Success Alliance Chapter:
  • Their current chapter size is 26, which is above average for the Nebraska region.
  • They average 2.27 visitors per member and in the top 20% of the region.
  • The chapter passes over 80 referrals per month, nearly 1 per member, per week

What is your #1 goal as a chapter?   
As Success Alliance members, we are to encourage and help each member understand that giving is receiving. In addition, our goal is to build and improve the chapter by attracting and building stronger members and to help each member get the most out of their membership.

What is your chapter's key to success?  
Our key to success is building relationships amongst the members and getting to know our referral sources on a more personal basis.

What is your favorite chapter meeting stimulant?  
Dictionary – Pick a Word

How do you keep the FUN in FUNdamentals?  
By keeping the “structure that works” but implementing our own creative personalities within the meeting agenda.