Sep 9, 2014


During this time of year it can be difficult to keep track of all that is going on so this is a combined resource to see all the options and register for the one(s) right for you! 

  • Member Success Program
  • Advanced Member Success Program
  • Chapter Success Workshop
  • Advanced Leadership Training

First and foremost, Member Success Program is an included, 3 hour, training required of  new members to be placed on the Featured Presentation list, and recommended for veteran members to go back through. Education is an ongoing piece for successful people.  Member Success is offered every month, in many locations throughout our four-state region. Are you a new member? Has it been a while since you last attended? Sign up today on our event calendar,!  

In addition to this training we also offer an Advanced Member Success, an optional full day training, is an excellent opportunity to take your BNI membership to the next level. (See what others are saying!!!) This training is for individuals that have, at a minimum, already attending Member Success, since it is advanced. The training will cover 5 main areas, in an all-day training:
  1. Referral Mindset - learn how others are finding your referrals right now.
  2. One to Ones - Learn how to increase your results from these important meetings.
  3. Power Teams - Learn how to develop and run an effective results driven team within your chapter.
  4. Weekly Presentations - Learn what to say and what not to say to properly train your members.  We will also discuss how to develop a marketing plan for the year for your Sales Manager Minutes.
  5. Featured Presentations - Learn what really makes a showcase presentation effective.
The next opportunity to attend Advanced Member Success is on Friday, October 17, 2014 in Ashland, NE. Register by clicking here today!

Annually, the first of October represents our leadership transition, where existing leaders hand over the chapter's reigns to the new leaders. In order to be prepared for this the new leaders attend a training called Chapter Success Workshop. Instead of just providing training for the leaders, this training is for the chapter. In order to be more successful tomorrow, it is important to have everyone moving in the same direction. This event combines breakout sessions for the different positions on the leadership team, with a general session, open to all members. 

We hold breakout sessions in the morning and afternoon by position with a general session in between, so your time investment is 4 hours as opposed to 6. Sign up to attend today! More details have been sent to the current and incoming leadership teams!

The upcoming events are held in 5 locations across our region: