Sep 9, 2014


As we continue to support the 'Get Connected, Stay Connected' campaign from BNI HQ, we will summarize the monthly topic here and include links to the previous month as well. 

Below is the step-by-step process for you to complete for this month’s portion of the “Get Connected - Stay Connected!” campaign.

  1. Login to BNI Connect.  If you have not yet registered for BNI Connect, go to BNI Connect and click on the “New to BNI Connect? Register Now” link and follow the directions provided.
  2. Click in the box at the top left of the page that has “[Your Name] is working on” (aka your status box)
  3. Type in 200 characters or less a brief success story you had from the last 12 months of entering information and data from this BNI Connect Get Connected - Stay Connected campaign!

Here is a link to a video and step by step screenshots to the instructions above:

Here is the link to the help article:

Now you’re ready to Get Connected - Stay Connected! View posts and submit posts on a regular basis to your group members to stay connected!

If you joined BNI after October 1, 2013, please visit Educational-Moments to find previous months campaigns.

For questions or issues regarding BNI Connect, please contact support at [email protected].

Upcoming BNI Connect Webinars for September & October:

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Webinars for October 2014

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