Nov 11, 2014


by Lonnie Keyser

Are you happy with your membership?  

Maybe so, maybe no.  

If the answer is yes, what could make it even better?  If the answer is no, what could help fix it?  

These are questions that your chapter leadership would appreciate the answers to.  Then, they could help make the member experience even better for all of your chapter members.
What comes to mind when we talk about the member experience? 

Some things that come to mind for me are:  passing quality referrals, developing deep relationships with other members, positive well run meetings where everyone is focused, recognition for accomplishments, working with chapter mentors and attending Member Success Program training to help us get the most out of our membership, and using BNI Connect to its fullest capability.

Members make the commitment to BNI in order to: grow their business, make more money, and to have more connections in the community and maybe even internationally.  What needs to happen for this to be the case? 

Dr. Misner talks about having fun with the fundamentals.  Are you having fun with the fundamentals?  What are the fundamentals?  The fundamentals are following the BNI agenda in the meeting, being prepared for our weekly presentations, being prepared when we are the featured presenter, doing 1 to 1’s, passing quality referrals, being in attendance every week, continuous learning, and inviting visitors.  Have some fun with these things.

The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain”, when we take this philosophy to heart, everyone prospers.  Each week be out there with your clients, friends, family, co-workers, and really listen for opportunities for referrals that you can give to your BNI members.  Also listen for potential members that you can invite to your next chapter meeting.  Really be present in the chapter meeting, take notes, and participate in every aspect.  When everyone does this, it will then lead to a better member experience for all the chapter members.

Be Pro-Active, Involved, and Dedicated to your chapter members, have a great member experience, and everyone, gets PAID.