Jan 20, 2015


We are pleased to announce a new program to help you enhance your experience and increase your first-year statistics. In the same format as the “GetConnected – Stay Connected!” program, we created an email campaign giving new Members a “step” to complete every month for their first year in BNI. Providing this information to Members is only part of the engagement process.  The other part is for you to engage other Members to participate in these activities. 

Month 1: Attend the Member Success Program in Your First 60 Days

Month 2: Schedule and Conduct a Minimum of 1 One-to-One Each Week

Month 3: Create Stackable 4-8 Weekly Presentations

Month 4: Prepare Your Feature Presentation(s)

 Month 5: Learn More to Earn More

Month 6: Check Your Progress

Month 7: Bring Potential Members to Grow Your Contact Sphere

Month 8: Focus on Passing 1-2 Referrals Each Week

Month 9: Bring a Substitute

Month 10: Bring a Referral Source for Another Member or for a Featured Speaker’s Presentation this Month

Month 11: Verify Your Success

Month 12: Plan Your Success

Since this program is designed for new members, we will include information monthly on each topic for our veteran members to use as well.