Jan 20, 2015


by Executive Directors: Kris & Vince Vigneri

Once again we saw many milestones in 2014... and we realize 13 really is the lucky number of 2014! So I will ask you, when does 13 + 13 + 13 = 6000???? The answer is simple, when you use BNI's Referral Marketing Strategy to grow YOUR business!!!

Here is what a member had to say about Building a Better Business with BNI:

Heartland Happenings In 2014:

We had another great golf outing thanks to the BNI Tuesday at the Top Chapter and specifically Brian Hoffart, that benefited Mourning Hope with over $4,500, and a 6-year total of over $25,000.

Most importantly BNI Heartland members saw an increase in their business...after all BNI is about Business, right? Here are some great numbers you should know from 2014... 

BNI Heartland Members passed over 45,000 referrals, up 13% year over year...
These referrals generated over $28 Million for BNI Heartland Members, up over 13%...
Making the average referral worth more than $615...
Putting over $24,600 in their pockets from their BNI membership, up over 13%...
AMAZING ROI: over 6000%


Also, from an International perspective of BNI, we saw some new highs:

  • In membership of 175,842!!!
  • In chapters of 7,024!!!
  • And in members per chapter of 25.04!!!

Based on what members reported in BNI Connect, the organization passed over 6 million referrals that generated over $7 billion worth of business for our members in 2014!!!!