Mar 10, 2015


The BNIPaying it Forward Chapter has been a BNI chapter in Omaha since June 2009.  

They meet at Hy-Vee (132nd & Dodge) on Thursdays from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM.  

The chapter achieved Bronze Status in November 2012, and the following are some key success factors for them:

  • The chapter averages 2.65 visitors per member over the last six months, which is first in the NE chapters.
  • Each member averages .77 referrals/week.

What is your #1 goal as a chapter?   
  • Our #1 Goal is to continuously grow with quality members.
What is your chapter's key to success?  
  • Our key to success is strong, professional relationships.
    What is your favorite chapter meeting stimulant?  
    • Our favorite chapter meeting stimulant is when we trade business cards during the meeting to spur our one-to-ones.
      How do you keep the FUN in FUNdamentals?  
      • We did an education presentation on a BNI Article, 'BNI Member Experience' by Lonnie Keyser that focuses on the 'Fun'damentals, then went around the room and had each member say the fundamental they find most fun, and why.  One-to-ones were the most common, because of the building of relationships and learning how to get more referrals to the members.