Apr 15, 2015


by Brandon Souba

The trick to a successful stack day has a few factors that play into it. There has to be full participation from the members.    There will be education through the whole process looking at the successes and struggles of the chapter.    And most importantly, ACCOUNTABILITY!!

It should be a four week process when getting ready for the stack day and I have broken down what each week should look like:

Week 1

The education moment should focus on what professions are needed in the chapter using contact spheres.  Then choose which 2 or 3 professions to focus on for the stack day.  Once you have the 2 or 3, pick 2 more professions as back up.  The reason you want a backup is during the four weeks of preparation, the members should be encouraged to bring visitors in the professions chosen, with the inviting attitude of “if you come before the actual stack day you can lock out your competition now and secure a seat in the chapter!”  So if you fill a seat from the 2 or 3 professions you chose you can move a backup into that spot.

The G.R.I.P. concept should be explained to help members have something to say when inviting.

G – Are you looking to GROW your business?
R – Would REFERRALS help you grow your business?
I – If I could INVITE you to a meeting of business professionals who over time, would refer business to you, would you want to come?
P – Great, meet at (PLACE)

Week 2

During the education moment, have the members quickly share how the inviting is going and have each member choose an accountability partner.  The communication between the accountability partners should be once or twice a week and they should share who they are inviting and the responses they are receiving. The goal here is to have another person who is able to help reach out to the people you are trying to invite, or walk through the challenges together to see if one or the other can get the invitee to the meeting.

Week 3

The education coordinator should be collecting RSVP’s and checking on how everyone is coming along.  You can also have an open discussion about what is working and what is not working with the members.  This will encourage team work and some people might have a connection to a person that another member is trying to invite and can help out with that person.

Week 4

The last call if you will!  During the education moment you will have everyone report there RSVP’s and be getting ready for the event the following week.  The meeting will be run as normal on the actual stack day, but there are a few points you want to remind the chapter:
  • Be early!!  Visitors tend to show up early and you want to make sure members are there to greet them.
  • During the first 15 minutes of Open Networking be standing and working the room with the visitors.  
    • Remember it is not net-sit, or net-eat, it is network!
  • Bring extra business cards.  If you have a room full of visitors you will need and want to pass your cards to them.  Don’t just rely on your chapter’s business card binder, passing cards face to face is a personal touch to the networking side of the day.
  • Make sure you have name tags and applications for the visitors.  Members wear your gray nametag so you stand out as a member.
  • Be prepared for your weekly presentation and make sure the feature presenter is also prepared.
  • Have your visitor host team prepared to take the visitors out of the room at the end of the meeting for the visitor orientation.
  • Have fun!!  If you have a lot of visitors at the stack day, the energy level will be up and after all your hard work you need to show the visitors how great the chapter is!

Week 5

The stack day event!

Week 6

Follow up, follow up, and follow up.

Make sure accountability partners are working together and holding each other accountable to follow up with the visitors that made it to the event and the ones that could not.  If all went well you can tell the visitors that were unable to make it that their seat has been filled, but to visit regardless and see if there is another chapter they could join.

Remember the main point of a “stack day” is to have visitors competing for a spot in the chapter.

The more visitors you have to fill one profession, the more likely you will fill that seat that day and grow your chapter!

Good Luck, and feel free to reach out to your Director if you need any help or have any questions.