May 21, 2015


In BNI one of our Core Values is Education and Training. It is a focal point for BNI and separates us from others.

In Member Success Program, you recall that two of BNI's goals are:

  1. To educate members that networking is more about 'farming' than 'hunting' - it is about cultivating relationships.
  2. To better educate, guide, and inform members is the process of developing a referral marketing based business. 

A commitment from BNI and a commitment from members help accomplish these goals. One way is through CHAPTER EDUCATION UNITS (CEU) because there is a direct correlation between networking education you complete - and the revenue you generate from referrals. This is one of the items tracked and it measures member engagement in networking education to further enhance success as well as contribute to the success of others in BNI!

This video is one example - it is a 10 minute walk through on how to update your BIO on BNI Connect. Additional videos for BNI Connect can be found at

Besides reading this blog, SuccessNet, BNI's Newsletter, is another place to easily earn CEU as well as these podcasts:
All of these opportunities take just minutes, but can positively impact your business to the point that you want to seize this information today - and share it with your referral partners - after all GIVERS GAIN, so give first!