Aug 10, 2015


by Vince Vigneri

Have you asked yourself, how can I be more profitable in business? That is part of the reason you applied to be part of BNI, right? BNI helps you build your Visibility and earn more Credibility, while ultimately becoming more Profitable. BNI calls it the VCP Process. Many people, me included 17 years ago, think that my showing up (visibility) will grow my business (profitability), however there is a little more to it. Credibility can take time, for some it can take a long time.

BNI Heartland's Vision shows you there are 5 ways to be more engaged in your BNI Chapter, which builds your Credibility, and you ultimately become more Profitable.

  1. Attendance
    • Being present at your chapter, or having a sub to keep your business 'top-of-mind' when you are unable to be present, engages you in your chapter, and holds you accountable to your commitments. There is a little more, though, you need to be on time also to build your Credibility. 
    • Plan your subs like you plan your vacation, well in advance! 
  2. Referrals
    • This is probably obvious since you are in a BNI Chapter to get more referrals, subscribing to Givers Gain. I have been part of BNI since 1998 and I admit when I first became part of my chapter, it was to receive referrals, but soon after I realized I was there to give first. Today, I am still giving across our entire BNI Heartland Region, but also BNI worldwide. 
    • Do you have a goal for how many referrals you want receive? Turn it around and now set a goal to pass an average of 6 per month. This will be sure to help you reach your goal, but it may take time. 
  3. One-To-Ones
    • Who can you give referrals to, and who can you get referrals from, is who you should be meeting with face-to-face. Your BNI Chapter members are a great source, but so are potential visitors for your next meeting. There are some members you need to meet with more often, your Contact Spheres, and some you may even meet with weekly, your Power Team. 
    • Are you setting one a week? If you each member take the initiative to set one each week, you will be amazed by what you learn about each other and the number of referrals that will be passed. 
  4. Chapter Education Units
    • One of BNI's Core Values is Education & Training, and this in part is what sets BNI apart. Besides this blog, you can read about BNI worldwide in SuccessNet, or one of the many books authored by Ivan Misner, BNI's Founder, or you can listen to podcasts: BNI Heartland's Regional Podcast, The BNI Podcast, The Power of One Podcast, and others to boost your activity in your chapter. These are simple ways to get ideas of what is working for members and may work for you too. 
    • Set a goal to do something each week. Something as simple as listening to a podcast on your way home the night before your chapter meeting, or on the way to your chapter meeting. 
  5. Visitors
    • Visitors are the energy that continues to help your chapter strive to new heights. Who was the last person you asked to attend? A great way to bring a visitor is for this week's Feature Presentation, or to show someone you are already passing referrals to, what else they could be doing to grow their business even more.  
    • Set a goal to bring a visitor each month. Remember, what gets measured, gets done.