Dec 1, 2015


by Vince Vigneri

Would you like to put $5,500 PER MONTH in your pocket from BNI? I am sure most of you are saying yes, but asking, what's the catch? The fact is YOU can do this, and others have, while many others are working on doing this.

First, we must look at what BNI is? We know by now that it is Business Network International. The "B" is first because it is your business that comes first. Everything you do in, for and with, BNI is to help YOU grow YOUR business. Remember the saying, it's NOT NET-SIT or NET-EAT, it is NETWORK. We all know that building our businesses takes blood, sweat and even tears. That IS the WORK we put in to grow our business to the successful point we want. 

Well, BNI wants that for you and wants to help make it easier, but it requires a little time on your business, in BNI. 

When was the last time you invited someone to your chapter meeting? Has it been a little while? Go back up and read the first paragraph... done? okay, so what are those people doing? They are bringing people to the meeting, on average one a month. Those people could be referral sources for the Feature Presenter, they could also be prospective members. Set a goal this year to bring more people to your meeting, working toward 1 person a month, 12 a year. That's how you work towards your goal above. You need to start by looking at how many you brought this year, if it was only a couple, at least go for 1 per quarter, but never stop looking, or asking. 

What else you ask? With any work comes the need for Education, and BNI is at least part of your business marketing plan, so we are no different. There are two types of Education that those people in the first paragraph are committing to: 1) One-to-Ones and 2) Chapter Education Units. 

Let's look at each.

First, One-to-Ones: these are how you get to know your fellow members, your referral sources. So when was the last time you did a one-to-one with each member? Is it time to revisit some of those? Are there new members in your chapter that you need to set one up with? Now is the time to embrace your ability to educate members, through one-to-ones, about your business, but more importantly learn more about their's. When you finish, be sure to check out our post, GET CONNECTED STAY CONNECTED: GET TO KNOW A REFERRAL SOURCE, to log your activity into BNI Connect. 

Also, Chapter Education Units are a how you remain engaged with education about BNI, networking and referral marketing. You are reading this blog, so you are already engaged. Some other ways we help you to engage are through podcasts, The official BNI Podcast, our own Regional Podcast, or another great option is the Power of One Podcast. Besides this blog, for our region there is the BNI Successnet Newsletter, in addition to attending training like Member Success, Advanced Member Success, Leadership Workshops and of course books on BNI, networking, and referral marketing. Again, when you complete the education, be sure to check out our post, GET CONNECTED STAY CONNECTED: ENGAGE IN NETWORKING EDUCATION, to log your activity in BNI Connect.

The last piece is referrals... BNI's philosophy is... GIVERS GAIN... you said it with me, right? So how many referrals have you given in the last month, or the last year. Set a goal to pass referrals, at least one per week, on average. If you are lacking a referral this week, give a testimonial about someone you've recently had a one-to-one with, or about BNI. Once again, here is a post, GET CONNECTED STAY CONNECTED: PASS A REFERRAL ONLINE, to help you log your activity in Connect.

In the end our vision is to help you put $5500 per month, over $60,000 in your pockets from BNI. You can help yourself get there by bringing a visitor a month, setting up at least 1 one-to-one a week, earning at least 1 Chapter Education Unit a week, and passing at least 1 referral a week. Now that you are engaging in the activities that will make you even more successful, be sure to check one other post, GET CONNECTED STAY CONNECTED: CHECK YOUR PROGRESS, to learn how to track your results and track your increased activity and results!