Jan 6, 2016


by Kris Vigneri

BNI Heartland is highlighting chapters that are aligning themselves with our vision.  The first category is Thank You For Closed Business(TYFCB).  Our vision is $5500 monthly TYFCB for every member.  The BNI Black Hills Chapter, during the last leadership term, had an amazing monthly amount of $4232 per chapter member!!!  Here are some of their insight on achieving our BNI Heartland vision: 

What is your chapter's key to success?  
  • Our chapter's key to success is focusing on relationship-building.  We take it very seriously by scheduling one-to-one's and social gatherings.  

When thinking of your chapter’s TYFCB, how do you define the member value? 
  • The value to each member is demonstrated in our TYFCB.  We were approaching $2 million as our year ends and it's due to each person's diligence in referring to BNI members.

What success do you want for your chapter members?  
  • I want our chapter to gain financially as well as professionally.  We learn and grow as business owners and professionals.

Why do your chapter members belong to BNI?  

  • Our chapter feels like family.  We depend on one another, not just for business but for advice and help in other areas of our lives.