Apr 6, 2016


Advanced Member Success Program Training Events are coming to a location near you! We held our first Advanced Training in Lincoln, NE in 2013 and since then have held 1-2 a year. 2016 is the year we are talking about awareness of BNI, and we have 4 scheduled in April and May throughout our region.  Our first one was lead by Tim Roberts, BNI Executive Director from New Hampshire, and you can click HERE for a brief video that he did, prior to coming, that talks about the topics we will cover. Through March 25th, we are offering an Early Bird Rate, so register today and commit to your continued success in referral marketing with BNI!

So let me ask you a couple questions about your BNI membership?
  • Do you want to generate more effective referrals?
  • Do you want strengthen your referral relationships?
  • Do you want to make your one-to-ones achieve more value?
  • Do you want to build and effective, profitable power team?
  • Do you want to create presentations that matter?
  • Do you want your business to explode in 2016?

Did you say YES to at least one of these questions, or maybe ALL off them?  REGISTER today and bring a referral partner from your chapter with you.
Advanced Member Success Program is a Business Development Seminar, designed for those members who are looking to take their referral results in BNI to new levels.  We will work on 5 major topics for your success in BNI including:

  1. Referral Mindset - learn how others are finding your referrals right now.
  2. One to Ones - Learn how to increase your results from these important meetings.
  3. Power Teams - Learn how to develop and run an effective results driven team within your chapter.
  4. Weekly Presentations - Learn what to say and what not to say to properly train your members.  We will also discuss how to develop a marketing plan for the year for your Weekly Presentations.
  5. Feature Presentations - Learn what really makes a Feature Presentation effective.
REGISTER today and learn how to make 2016 the best referral year ever! 

Training Dates and Registration Links:

April 4th - Sioux Falls - http://bniheartland.com/eventdetails.php?eventId=118737
April 29th - Lincoln - http://bniheartland.com/eventdetails.php?eventId=118735
May 2nd - Omaha - new date pending for late June
May 10th - Rapid CIty - http://bniheartland.com/eventdetails.php?eventId=118738

See you there!

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge.  Let your learning lead to action!” ~Jim Rohn