Mar 4, 2016


by Brandon Souba

SO it is March.

Have you stay committed to a New Year’s resolution?

Honestly, looking at Facebook it does look like a lot of you are sticking to some form of a workout. Boot camps, personal training, even committing to running in this cold weather. But I know we don’t see posts like this, “Well I ate what I wanted today and I have not worked out for two weeks!! #winning” because we like to promote the success we have and not that we didn’t stick to our fitness goals. 

Beyond the New Year’s resolutions, most of us set goals, be it for our business or personal. I have my goals set way before January so I can start working on them before the New Year hits and therefore, I can be ahead of the game. But I was not always this way with my goals, surprised I know, but I want to share the story on why I find goals to be important in my business and personal life.

When I sold countertops I looked at my goals two times a year, on January 1st (to see how I did) and January 1st (to make new ones for the New Year).  There was no accountability to myself and honestly why even make goals if you don’t use them for motivation. One year, the program used to track clients provided a dash board to show my sales information. It had closing percentage, how many appointments I went on, total sales so far for the month, and my monthly goal. At first I just saw it as another tool to be “coached” on by my boss. But one day, a slow sales day, I worked all the numbers backwards to understand how my closing percentage worked. WOW did that change everything in my sales life. It got to the point at the beginning of each month I would meet with the receptionist that set the appointments and go through my calendar so what was in the system was accurate to my activity. No joke there was almost always two or three appointments in the computer that were not even mine, hurting my closing percentage. As time went on, I went from a once a year goal watcher, to a once a week goal watcher, to an everyday goal watcher. Yes it was hard to look at that dashboard on my slow months, but I did it and stayed motivated. I set personal goals for my two passions, speed skating and snowboarding. All summer, I work hard to get my miles below four and half min on my rollerblades, and when there is snow on a mountain, I work at making the time to snowboard.  But let’s not lie, those are easy goals to hold myself accountable to!!

BNI provides a dash board to help you track your activity with your membership. If you have not seen it, just sign in to you BNI Connect account and it is the first thing you will see. Now I don’t expect you to look at this every day and keep track of it like I did with my countertop dashboard, but even looking at it once a week will cause more awareness to help you improve your ROI in BNI.  Just like my closing percentage, if you improve on understanding how the PALMS work, then you might be more motivated to commit to being at every meeting, actively looking for referrals to bring with you, or even track you CEUs. (Don’t forget you get a CEU credit for reading this blog!!) But what would your membership in BNI look like if you started setting networking goals to help you reach your personal goals, or in the spirit of Givers Gain, helping your fellow members reach their goals?
So like I said this is not another blog on goals. But I wanted to share my story, because trust me I did not care about goals at all, until I found the motivation to have something for a guide. Use the dashboard provided with your membership in BNI to help you work your network and help reach your business goals. One of the best ways to grow your business is to help grow your chapter… OK I will finally admit this is another blog on goals and of course I have a challenge for you.

Make a goal to send one invitation a week to have someone visit your chapter. Use the stack of cards you have sitting at your desk and take the one off the top and send them an invite. Use BNI connect to send an email invitation, send a personal email with your own story on what BNI has done for you, send a hand written invite and make it short and sweet, heck make one phone call a week to invite someone. If you make this commitment you will send 48 invites a year! Not everyone will take you up on your invitation, but would you be mad if 3 people followed up with you a few months later and was ready to visit now vs. when you invited them. I would take that any day of the week!

One of my goals is to help members use BNI for their business and I hope this blog has helped motivate you to grow your business through BNI using the Givers Gain mindset and letting non-BNI members experience what your chapter has to offer, and possibly using it to grow their business.