Mar 4, 2016


by Ginger Malousek

A few years back, I purchased the Mouse Trap game for my child’s birthday.  This was the number one gift on her list. As I read the box, there were those dreaded words “some assembly is required.”  As with most children, she was super excited about getting the game and wanted to play NOW.  And, she was NOT interested in opening any other gifts.    But before we can play, the game pieces have to be assembled and of course, learn the rules of the game.

With BNI some assembly is required too!

You just joined a BNI Chapter and you want to start getting referrals now!

But first you need to get the game pieces assembled and learn how the process works.

Like the game, you receive instructions, which is the new member packet.  Also included, is a CD to learn more about BNI.  One advantage you have with BNI is your Mentor Coordinator who shows you how all the pieces go together.  Your Mentor Coordinator gives you the BNI Passport, showing you how to start the process and which individuals you should have one to ones with. Each step of the Passport guides you, and during your one to ones with members, you will learn how to complete the one to one slips, referral slips, thank you for closed business slips, and chapter education unit slips.

Within the first 60 days you attend the Member Success Program, learning about Lowest Common Denominators (LCDs) when you give your Weekly Presentation, and this is just one of topics covered at the training.    Member Success Program is hands on learning with other BNI members, similar to playing the Mouse Trap game with an experienced player, or even the inventor. 
With BNI, education is always within reach.  From listening to podcasts at BNI Heartland, BNI, Networking Now, to blogs, and books by Ivan Misner. With today’s society, everything is moving in such fast pace it is good to know you have resources right at your fingertips.
In the BNI Heartland region, you have support from members, your Area Director and Senior Director, and Executive Directors.  You are not alone with just the instructions like the game, and wondering what to do next and asking yourself if you are doing it correctly.

You don’t walk into a meeting and know everything and every slip.  However, you quickly learn some assembly is required, and as you go along the journey, assembly comes easier.  Assembly also takes some time.  My experience with BNI is the positive environment I go into on a daily/weekly basis.   I have more energy walking out than I did walking in to the meeting.  During the 90 minute meeting, I have learned more about other businesses and meet with other business professionals who like yourself, are looking for ways to increase their referrals.

Mentor Coordinators, play a big role in helping the new member learn how the process starts and staying on course.  If you are a person who likes a challenge, and want to help others succeed and succeed yourself, then I challenge you to consider being the next Mentor Coordinator.  Do you have the time in your schedule to assist others with some assembly required?