Jul 19, 2016


BNI Heartland is highlighting chapters that are aligning themselves with the region's vision.  

This month’s category is Attendance.  

Our vision is for each member to attend the weekly meeting, have a sub at the meeting and for the chapters to be below 5% for absenteeism.

From the 57 chapters in the BNI Heartland Region, our absenteeism ranges from 2.54% to 23.96%.  Where is your chapter on the Chapter Traffic Lights?  

The BNI Professional Partners Chapter, during the last 6 months, had an absenteeism percentage of only 2.54%!  Here are some of their insights on achieving our BNI Heartland vision: 

What is your chapter's key to success?  

  • I believe our chapter’s key to success is education and execution.
When thinking of your chapter’s referrals, how do you define the member value?  

  • Our member value is about $30,000 annually, so each meeting holds a value of about $600 per member. Almost all members think $600 is worth 2 hours of their time. (GREAT way of breaking this down for members and visitors!!)

What success do you want for your chapter members?  

  • I would like to see our members and their businesses be so successful in our chapter that they seek out other chapters and have employee’s apply for those seats.

If you had to describe your BNI Chapter with one word, what word would it be? 

  • Partnership