Oct 27, 2016


by Kris Vigneri and the leadership team of BNI Heartland's Elite Referral Partners Chapter - Sioux Falls, SD

BNI Heartland is highlighting chapters that are aligning themselves with our vision.  The category this month is Visitors.  Our vision is for each member to bring a visitor each month.  In the last 6 months, the BNI Elite Referral Partners Chapter members have the highest visitor/member percentage at 2.71 (almost a visitor every other month), with 5 new members added in 6 months!  

Here are some of their insights on achieving our BNI Heartland vision: 

What is your chapter's key to success?  

  • Our members have made a commitment, and this has led to an increase of all the metrics we use (visitors, attendance, education, referrals, etc).

When thinking of your chapter’s visitors, how do you define the member value?  

  • We use the size of our chapter (54 members) to speak to the value of a single member's seat. There are 50+ other people here every week that want to refer business to you.

What success do you want for your chapter members?  

  • BNI is a time commitment. We hope that however one values their time monetarily, it will come back to them. The friendships and connections are icing on the cake.

Why do your chapter members belong to BNI? 

  • Our members see a real value in their investment of time and money. They recognize the power of our collective and appreciate a well-run meeting with a group of people that are committed to each's values.

If you had to describe your BNI Chapter with one word, what word would it be?

  • Proven. Our group uses a proven model to produce proven results.