Oct 27, 2016


by Steve Mix

One of the things that I like about inducting new members and renewing members is when everyone stands up and recites the code of ethics.

One of the things I have heard some chapters do is change #4 to, I will take responsibility for following up on the referrals I receive AND GIVE.

Let's break that down.  Why and how should we do that.

Follow up with the member you GAVE the referral to and ask these questions:

  1. Did you contact the referral?
  2. How did it work out?
  3. Did it turn into business?
  4. What could I have done differently to make it go smoother?

Think of the added knowledge you just received. You are now better equipped to give another referral to that member.

Follow up with the referral that you RECEIVED (The member who gave you the referral). Talk about the following.

  1. Talk to the member to get more information about the referral before you reach out to the referral.
  2. Determine the best way to do the introduction, (Email, Text, Phone, or in person).
  3. Connect with the referral.
  4. Give feedback to the member.  If it led to a meeting, did it turn into business (you do NOT have to say how much business).
  5. If it did not lead to a meeting, what could have been done differently by the member who gave the referral to help it go smoother?

The intent on following up on both sides of the equation is to gain more knowledge on what is a good referral, what is a bad referral, and to train each other on how to increase the effectiveness and value of each referral given.

I have seen this method put into place and have seen the average value of each referral go up.

My challenge to you, try this for 90 days.  Track it and be purposeful with each referral given and received.  I would love to get an email from you to hear your personal story and the impact on your chapter and your business.