Nov 22, 2016


by Vince Vigneri

What does the phrase, Local Business - Global Network, really mean?

Many of you know, I was fortunate enough to travel to Brazil in 2014, and present to BNI Brazil's Directors and Members at their first National Conference. A few years prior to that trip, along with a few others, a training was developed to help BNI Executive Directors all over the world run a more efficient business. I was part of that training team and continue to serve BNI in the capacity of a Global Training Consultant. This information is important as I educate members about the importance of BNI's Global Network...

I visited India the week of July 11th to provide the training mentioned above. Little did I know how much I would learn at the same time. What I knew going in was how well India was doing in 10 years. They are growing rapidly, have some of the largest chapters in the world, and are hungry to continue learning! One of BNI's Core Values is Lifelong Learning!

I shared on Facebook, one of my "WOW" experiences was visiting (click here to see post and here for additional pictures!) the largest BNI Chapter in the world... 104 members... BNI Champions Chapter - Bangalore! What I didn't share was the rest of the WOW that day... A member of a BNI Chapter in Bangalore invited all the India EDs to a reception. Why? He wanted to thank all of us, all of BNI, for what BNI had done for his business in a little more than a year. He had all 40+ of us picked up at our hotel and taken by 15 white Mercedes to a luxury hotel, the Taj, by the airport. We heard his story, and it is an unbelievable story. We were serenaded by a singer and his daughter. The singer passed the person hosting us the referral... the really big referral! And the rental company that brought us all there in the white Mercedes, you guessed it...another BNI member, now with more than 1000 cars available... ALL high end, luxury, vehicles! Talk about a WOW experience.

I have had many awesome, feel good, experiences in my 18 years involved with BNI. But this entire experience, at least to date, is remarkable!

Think Global, Act Local!