Dec 21, 2016


I am writing this blog in December reflecting on how this year went and the lessons learned.  I am I have a few things that I look at and measure:
also writing down my goals for 2017.  I wanted to share with you a few of my goals and challenge you to take my examples and do some goal planning too.
  •     Chapter size
  •     Chapter one to ones
  •     Referrals Received
  •     Visitors
  •     Education turned in
  •     Thank you for Closed Business

In the Eastern South Dakota region, our averages and goals for 2017 look like this (and this philosophy can be applied to individual chapters and/or regions):
2017 Goal
Ave Chapter Size
One to Ones
Referrals Received

Let me break each of these down to help us achieve these goals.  I am going to do them in the order that is highest priority.  If the focus is done in this order, then chapter size and TYFCB take care of themselves.

First – One to Ones.  It is an expectation to do one of these per week at a minimum.  If you have done a one to one with everyone in your chapter twice in a year, then look for one or two people to start a Power Team with and meet bi-weekly.

Second – During the one to one – you really should be doing some homework ahead of time with the expectation to give a referral to the person you are meeting with.  Givers Gain.  Look at their BNI Profile page, their website or linked-in page and find one person that you can refer to the person you are meeting.

Third – During the one to one – Ask who would be a good person to bring as a Visitor to BNI that would help the other person’s contact sphere?  Be ready to give a name to the person you are meeting with who they can ask to bring as a Visitor to fill in your contact sphere.

Fourth – Education.  If you spent 30 minutes a week on BNI Connect and reviewing the Documents Section, Reports Section, My Network Section, Updating your profile page, and then click on the ? on the top right side of the page, then education will lead to great things.

Final thoughts...If you Focus on One-to-Ones and Education, the growth happens organically.  The magical thing that happens is your Referrals received goes up and therefore your Thank You For Closed Business goes up.

My Goal for this year is to help you with Education and Motivation to help you achieve your goals.
I am willing to do a One-to-One with you to help you achieve your goals. Contact me!