Dec 21, 2016


by Brandon Souba

Are you part of something bigger in this world?

That can be a hard question to answer. We all do things that lead to a bigger cause, be it volunteering, donating money, serving on boards, being a part of your community, and the list could go on. We do all those things to be a part of something, to help someone in some way. I myself play a few different roles at my church, participate with an optimist group to help children, and play soccer dad for my daughter. Everything I take part in makes me feel helpful and valid that I am not just “taking” in this world, but really trying to give back any time I can.

BNI is more than just your chapter, it is a community, in a city, a state, a continent. We talk about how BNI is international and how you can pass referrals all over the world. This is all true, and some members actually do pass referrals all over the USA or across oceans if they have a connection in another country. I truly have friends and business connections all around the world due to BNI Global Convention. Brazil, Australia, India, and Holland are all places I can visit today and visit a friend, and it is so cool. But not all BNI members have that global connection like some do.
So I ask again, are you part of something bigger in this world?

If you are reading this blog and you are in a BNI chapter, then I can reassure you that you are part of something bigger in this world.

BNI says we are changing the way the world does business. Well here are some current stats that I received November 2016:

  • Countries BNI is in – 73
  • Members across the world – 207,135
  • Number of referrals passed in the last 12 months – 8,638,145
  • TYFCB in the last 12 months – 10.85 Billion Dollars

Those numbers are AMAZING for an organization that started with one group in California back in 1984. But think about it.  That is 207,135 people that are helping other businesses succeed and keeping the door open to employ others. The referral passed by a member helps communities keep the spending local, helps future development in that area for kid’s playgrounds and parks, improves infer-structure to bring in even more businesses to town. This means 8,638,145 people are in the market for a BNI member’s service and were connected personally to start a relationship with a professional that will do great work. We don’t have the numbers to track what tier 3 referrals came from that relationship that originated from a simple referral in a BNI meeting, so this number may be even bigger. BNI has a foundation called Business Voices, and they are helping children all over the world to improve the ability to receive education and go on to be a contributing member of society.  It continues to blow my mind to think how a little pink slip (or a referral passed online) can have such great power in the world.

There was a saying I heard once and at first I didn’t like it, but as I continue on my journey in life it seems more relevant day by day. “If there was a field with 2 million stones in it and one stone had a life’s fortune under it would you take the time to turn over every stone until you find it?”

The reason I did not like this at first is because it sounds crazy! Turn a stone over and be set for life. But what I realized is everything we do in life is turning over another stone. The more we do in life means the more stones we turn. So remember our philosophy we live by, Givers Gain. Be active in your chapter, pass referrals to help you clients, friends, and family. Be active in your community, and you never know how you will change someone’s life, leading that person to pay it forward and help someone else. Treat yourself well and enjoy life, while you are enjoying life, get to know other people. You never know who you will meet and how they will impact your life! I look forward to everyday I get to enjoy, and if you wake up and plan to have a good day, you will. Not saying you will have no challenges or surprises that day, but deal with them as they come and know you are part of something bigger in this world. This is the time of year that we reflect on what we are thankful for. Know that I am thankful for all the BNI members that I have the honor of knowing and interact with. Thank you all for that you do and for what you will do for this world. More than ever we need to make a closer connection and really focus on putting people first. That is all summed up with Givers Gain!