Jan 17, 2017


by Sarah Mullins

You know the best thing about being a human?

It’s the ability to create. This ability works on multiple levels, we can create food, we can create buildings, we can even create life. Today, I want to talk about creating your purpose, which I’ll admit, is a lifelong journey, but the best time to start anything is now!

If you like things in a formula, you’ll appreciate this, I break down this enormous task into these small steps: your talent + your passion = your purpose.

Simple right?? Let’s break it down even further!  

Your Talent: this formula works for life, for work, BNI etc. so feel free to make this list over and over with new categories!

What are you good at?  Take 10 minutes and free write, first concentrate on what YOU think you’re good at, next think of compliments you’ve received and record them, write everything down with no filter and when 10 minutes is up, search for the most prevalent talents.

Expand on these talents further, what can you do with them? If you are skilled in basketball, can you be a coach or create coaching materials for those wanting to learn? Could you write a bball blog? This list can go on and on, but I guarantee you you’ll keep coming back to 1-3 of them.  When you find you’re energized by something, stick to it. Hold it with you dearly and don’t let go!

Next, put that list to the side. New list, Your Passion: what fills your soul? We all know that feeling when you get a twinge in your stomach (the good kind, not the flu kind) and tears start welling in your eyes.  It could be working with children, feeding people, coaching people, building things - the list is limitless!

By this point, you have your shortlist. Let’s make it into something real by answering these questions:
  1. How can you combine your talent + your passions?
    • i.e. can you create a basketball training camp to coach little ones? (combines your bball talent, with your passions for coaching and kids)
  2. How will you monetize it/keep it going?
    • Especially if you’re doing this for business how will you fund keeping this love going?
  3. Make an action, what can you do tomorrow to put this grand plan into motion.
    • Business plans don’t always have to be 30 pages long, write up a simple 5 step plan to get you started!

Remember you can use this formula for life, for work, and even for BNI. In your weekly meetings, collectively fill out one of these spots each week, by week 3 you’ll be ready to passionately move forward on your group’s purpose and when there’s passion behind your work, your success naturally finds its way.

Happy Networking :)