Jan 17, 2017


by Vince Vigneri

#10 Increased exposure to many other people and businesses!

#9   Substantially increased referrals!

#8  Tools to network more effectively:
  • Orientation CD,
  • Member Success Program,
  • BNI name badge holder,
  • Vinyl card holder to carry members' business cards,
  • Referral & Close Business tracking, using BNI Connect,
  • Marketing materials, website, education, and
  • much, much more
#7  Participation in up to 52 face-to-face networking meetings per year!

#6  Newsletters with educational material on networking, public speaking, and business!

#5  BNI Connect - connecting worldwide referrals!

#4  Participation in local community events!

#3  Periodic workshops on networking!

#2  Education
  • podcasts, 
  • blogs, 
  • weekly Networking Education at your meeting
#1  Return On Investment
  • In 2016, BNI members, worldwide, passed over 8.8 Million Referrals, which generated more than $11.17 BILLION in tracked Closed Business,
  • In 2016, BNI Heartland members, locally, passed over 47,000 Referrals, which generated more than $36 MILLION in track Closed Business!!!
  • This is an average ROI of 650 times!!! 

BNI is more than just another networking meeting you attend; BNI is a referral generator!