Mar 7, 2017


Have you ever asked the question “What is the most important thing to do right now?”

As a “work from home” business professional I find many things vie for my attention – TV, laundry, housework, baking, reading, FB, not to mention those tasks affiliated with my business – phone calls, email, marketing,  etc.   Focusing on just ONE thing has been a challenge as I am completely in charge of my calendar.  A few months ago I was expressing my frustration with the constant interruptions and distractions in my daily life, and a friend suggested a book by Gary Keller called The One Thing. I would like to share with what I am learning in hopes that you too may gain insight into the best management of the hours you have to devote to your life’s work. 
Gary shares that the idea of “balance” in life is really an illusion.  Our lives will never be “in balance”. Spending equal time in ALL areas should not be the goal.  A better question is one of finding your priorities.  Sometimes that may be in the area of health or family, while other times your work, or spiritual life need more focus.  If you are unable to feed your family, finances may become highest on your list for a season.  You see, it’s in our circumstances that weigh one area more heavily over another.

In the book, Gary encourages us to look at all the areas of our life as if they are balls being juggled.  The balls represent work, family, health, friends, and integrity.  When the latter four are in good shape it’s possible to give extra attention to work.  The question is how long can you spend extra hours, devote extra energy and/or money to your career before one of the other balls gets dropped?  Of course each of these categories have numerous tasks associated with them, so Gary teaches that the most important thing you can do is ask yourself a FOCUS question for each area.  The question is “What is the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”  In the area of HEALTH, for example, I decided a few years ago to commit to working out regularly.  It is the ONE THING that makes all the others in the area of health either unnecessary to worry about or easier – like keeping weight gain as I age in check.

We can do the same with our BNI business. Look at the areas tracked in our Individual traffic lights report:  Attendance, 121’s, referrals given, CEU’s, visitors. If you asked yourself the same FOCUS question listed above regarding one of your personal traffic lights, it would look something like this:  “What would the ONE THING be in the area of attendance (or 1 2 1’s or referrals, etc.) that would make all others easier or unnecessary?”  You might be surprised that if you would concentrate on one area and focus on the ONE THING in that area, your personal traffic lights would increase in ALL areas and in turn so would your chapters’ traffic light.  When you attend your meeting regularly, fully engaged and ready to take notes of members “asks” you will naturally remember to schedule 1 2 1’s and learn the best way to refer others to your members.  Of course you will want to share your chapter with other business owners in your community by bringing visitors.  Focusing on scheduling a 1 2 1 each week will bring your relationships with other members to a whole new level, which in turn will encourage you to attend regularly and refer your circle of influence to your chapter.  

Educating yourself with podcasts or BNI blogs (CEU’s) will give you new ideas and energize your membership.  This in turn will encourage you to share with your chapter in 1 2 1’s as well as give insight on inviting visitors and how to best serve your chapter with referrals.   It really doesn’t matter which area you choose to add the ONE THING – the key is to DO the ONE THING. 

Your BNI chapter is your marketing TEAM, and the team is only as strong as its weakest member.  Focus on your ONE THING and help your chapter move to the GREEN!