Apr 19, 2017


by Sarah Mullins

Each of us have an opportunity every day to wake up and make choice after choice that will accumulate into our day, week, years and life stories. Acknowledging this fact eliminates any reasoning to be average - so, let’s go be great instead.

Here are 3 easy steps to being great - not good:

1. Start your day with an honest priority list. Don't lie to yourself, don't fill it with easy things you know you'll naturally get done anyway just to have the 'pat on the back' feeling for crossing things off. Put the real stuff on there, the things you've been telling yourself for months you'll get to and you somehow always postpone it to the next day. WRITE IT DOWN.

It might scare you - but that’s ok. If we didn’t have a little fright in our lives every now and then, life would get pretty darn dull!

2. When that moment comes in the day (and it will come) when you are getting a bit tired, and you have a choice: do one more task or don't. DO IT. Unless this task somehow interferes with something important, just get it done - you'll thank yourself tomorrow, and the day after that, and slowly you'll not have to drag yourself to get your list done, it'll become a part of your mentality.  One more task on your way to greatness.

3. Think about what you're doing.  Everyone gets lots of 'things' done each day. What do they add up to? When the next new year comes around, will you reflect on what you've done and feel pride?  Or are you merely getting from one day to the next?  Do something that matters, do something that betters something. You may think that your industry can't matter to others, that it's just a job, but I'm here to tell you every position, in every industry can accumulate into something that matters. When you do your job with pride and with the intention to make something great, you'll succeed well beyond a paycheck and it'll be that much easier to live greatly!

Nothing great happens overnight - it takes baby steps, it takes intention and it takes many efforts. The good news is, you can always start today.  Use all those choices you’re allotted each day to turn towards greatness.

If this sounds like a task you may not be up for, find a friend/colleague/co-worker and develop an accountability team.  Daily, weekly or monthly check in with each other, if you have a day where you’re not feeling up to being accountable to yourself, I bet you’ll still want to be accountable to them. Use the skills and support of others around you to keep you great - and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll do.

In the words of the Great Dr. Seuss:
“And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)