Apr 19, 2017


by Nellie Nutting

I am no stranger to moving – perhaps not the pro others have become, but over the last 35 years life has taken me to several new communities and given me the opportunity to play “HIDE AND SEEK” – that is the topic of this blog!

This move may be the most interesting move of all – one that could easily have me winning in the skill of HIDING, if that is my choice.  As a self-employed business owner who works entirely alone and on my own schedule, I could easily stay in – not meeting anyone or doing anything.  After all, SEEKING takes effort.  It requires getting out of my comfort zone into areas that are unchartered for me.  Without a regular JOB with new co-workers to meet, no children at home to get me driving to and from various activities, or for the first several weeks, not even having a neighborhood but a campground where people come and go faster than most can empty their gas tank there is not a readily accessible stream of kind, like-minded, healthy, motivated people for me to invite to coffee.  HIDING is easy here.

TV, laundry, cleaning – these distractions are still as big as ever, but now there is little to interrupt me from any of them.  I could certainly HIDE in Netflix or go undercover in a good book.  Even trips to the store are easy to do incognito – no one knows me – no one will stop me to chat about a common friend or activity, as there are none.  This is the time to become a face in the crowd.  I could get good at HIDING.  But then I picked up a book I bought my first year in BNI – the 29% Solution, by Ivan R Miser, PhD.  Ivan says, “It’s not ‘net-SIT’ or ‘net-EAT’ – it’s ‘net-WORK.’  Successful networking is about learning how to work the networking process – not just letting it happen.” 

Dang!  I like to “net-SIT” and “net-EAT”!  It is much like HIDING and is a pretty easy and comfortable process!  But, if, in fact, I want my business and personal life to thrive in this new community, I will have to choose to get out of the camper and SEEK. Of course, it is only in seeking that I will find new friends, business partners, mentors, customers and activities in this community that will add depth to my existence.    

Perhaps I will spend a few weeks HIDING out – but I know, intellectually, that is in SEEKING that I will find joy, humor, fun, friends, connections, business, and many more wonderful adventures in this new place.  How about you?  Are you playing HIDE “AND SEEK”?  If so, I encourage you to get Dr. Misner’s book and then to make sure you spend much more time in the SEEKING – be a winner at that!