May 16, 2017


by Steve Mix

I opened up my bill from my vendor who is working on getting my business on page one of google.  It had all kinds of information and reports on where we started from and where we are now.  This information was very valuable.  It is really important for me to be on page one.
I decided to go on google to search for my name.  Here is what I found out.  My business was on page one.  I was very excited to see that.
I was also very excited that my BNI Profile page was also on page one.  This made my day.  How was it that the two things that are very important to me are both on page one?  Having the knowledge of how much I was spending with my vendor and the amount of effort we were making, I could do the math and see that BNI was making a huge capital investment in ME and my Business to be on the first page.

I made the decision right there to login in to BNI Connect to make sure my PROFILE had the most up to date and accurate information on it.  If BNI was going to invest in my business and make sure I was on page one, I wanted to shine.  I added a current picture, my logo, I made sure my public facing information told a simple enough story that whoever looked at it would be able to make a quick decision and want to click on ME and actually connect with me for a referral.

The other thing I wanted to do was help other members with their profile.  I went to my connections to see who had not uploaded a picture.  I was surprised to see that 24% of my connections had not uploaded a picture.  I clicked on their profile and some of them had started working on this, but didn’t fully finish.  Let me stress this again.  Would you buy a website and then only put up a splash page that says “WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION, COME BACK LATER”  NO, you better not!  Please take 30 minutes out of your day and finish your profile.

One simple way to upload a picture or change your picture is to download the new BNI Connect App.  You can take a selfie and boom, you are done.  That being said – Let’s try to get the most professional looking picture – this is automatically uploaded to your public profile page for the whole world to see.

The new BNI Connect App is awesome.  It is so much faster.  You can submit your SLIPS in real time.  The other HUGE component is the Contacts tab.  I love this.  I was at a client’s the other day and they needed a chiropractor.  I opened up my BNI Connect App, went to the member, pulled it open and passed her information to the client.  Supper fast.  Another point I want to make – If your PROFILE is up to date – it is a lot easier for me to pass you a referral when I can just open the app and show my client your contact information (and picture).

My challenge for you this week is to:

  1. Download the BNI Connect App
    1. iTunes 
    2. Google Play:
  2. Update your profile – Picture too
I would love to look at my connections next month and see less than 1 percent without a picture!