Jul 17, 2017


by Nellie Nutting

On my last Blog I confessed that I had been feeling the need to play HIDE and SEEK – perhaps more hiding at the time.  I shared how easy it would be in a new place to just be invisible and not go out seeking to meet people.  Perhaps it is my age that has me dreading being uncomfortable, or perhaps it is just human nature – regardless, putting myself “out there” seems to get harder each year.

This brings me to contemplate the importance (and really the genius) of BNI’s weekly meetings and attendance policy.  Let’s be honest – if you didn’t have the incentive of the membership committees form letter or the financial investment of time and money, wouldn’t it be easy to just skip out a few times because you are not feeling it?  But more often than not, even if I was not excited to get myself ready for that 7am meeting, it becomes the catalyst to my whole week of awesomeness! 

And just as a weekly meeting reminds me of why I love my BNI team, going to a conference is another great way to reconnect with the WHY behind how much one value’s an organization or company affiliation.  I got to attend my first BNI national conference just last month and even took a selfie with Dr. Ivan Misner (if you don’t know who he is you best read your GIVERS GAIN book from your early days of BNI)!  We learned, ate, socialized, and did what we are best at – NETWORKED – for about 5 days.  I am filled with ideas to help our chapters grow and to become the best me – after all, isn’t that what will make my business, my relationships, and ultimately  my life more enriched?

So, next time you question your resolve and time involved to go to your weekly meeting or attend a conference that grows you in your business or as a person, remember this quote from an unknown but wise author.  “Most people are either sleep walking through their waking life or wake walking through their sleeping life.  Either way, they are not getting much out of it.”

Wake up – smell the flowers – taste the ice cream – kiss the baby (take a selfie) and stretch yourself to grow.  It is in bettering ourselves daily – getting uncomfortable, that we better all our affiliations – and your BNI chapter needs you to be great!