Aug 30, 2017


by Brandon Souba

It always amazes me where I get inspiration for blog topics, and this blog was inspired by my snail mail!

First off, I want to clarify there are many ways to market your business. Some companies require you to market in specific ways and each way has a different return on investment. Marketing materials in the mail works.  When I was in sales there was an envelope that went out that had about 50 ads. My company was in it. We received a constant stream of clients calling in by using this method and many lead to business. So once again every marketing avenue has it positive effects. That said, the day this blog was inspired was not a day that “snail mail” marketing worked.

As most can relate, as I was going through my mail I had a few magazines or ads and about 3 letters. 2 of the 3 letters looked a lot alike. So much so that I showed my wife and she agreed they looked identical. So we thought it would be funny to open them at the same time and see if they were, in fact, the same. She opened one and I opened the other and we started reading them at the same time. They were the same letter!  They had been auto printed with my name on them and sent from two different people in the same company!  We got half way through the letters reading in unison and enjoying ourselves when I stopped reading and took her letter. Yes, this is what keeps my wife and I entertained in life!

But here is where my inspiration came for this Blog. I took the letters and tossed both in the trash. I didn’t even put much thought into it, but I realized that the person that sent the letter in the first place was tossed aside because the same letter happen to show up at the same time on the same day, and honestly they canceled each other out. I felt I was being sold to and no one wants to be sold to. We want to understand the “why” behind your business and have a relationship with the person we buy from.

In BNI I think we take the “one profession per chapter” for granted. That is why I joined BNI! At the time I joined, I was the only classification in all the chapters in Omaha. I had no competition to lock out, but the fact that I would “lock out” my competition really motivated me to join the chapter. I didn’t want anyone to take my spot.  I knew I would be the only person representing my category.  That was a HUGE opportunity. You will never be tossed aside at your chapter because someone else gave the exact same weekly presentation you did and they do the exact same thing as you do. That is the beauty of BNI. You get to share the “why” behind your business and show your passion for it. On top of that, you build relationships. When you get a referral, it is not someone who responded to a letter you sent or a commercial you ran. It is a personal introduction to someone in need of your business or service -not a guaranteed sale, but an opportunity to do business. There is no other marketing opportunity that can offer such specific results!

So I challenge you to keep in mind how valuable it is to be able to lock out your competition when inviting. I challenge you to spend 5 minutes or more a week when preparing your weekly presentation.  If those letters had been different I might not have just thrown them in the trash. If you can provide quick education and a laser specific referral to ask for form your chapter, you will have better luck with receiving that referral.  Few members spend 5 minutes on their weekly presentation, but shouldn’t they?. You have the right to talk about your profession as a member of a BNI chapter and that is one of the best opportunities you have for your business and your business growth.