Oct 16, 2017


by Sarah Mullins

Eye of the beholder”- a seemingly old time phrase from days past. No one can deny it has a romantic ring to it. I myself see all the beloved characters of a Jane Austen novel sitting in their beautiful attire, drinking their wine and eloquently using this kind of language like it’s common place. The thing is, however, that this phrase holds power. It holds deep meaning and when understood correctly, can help you, me, and everyone else around you change… almost everything.

It all comes back to perspective. Breaking it down, the “eye” is a metaphor for one’s personal observance of a situation, and the “beholder” (you, me, or whomever we’re speaking of) gets to then make their own assumptions, creating their own perspective on the situation. If you’ve ever been grossly misunderstood, you see how powerful this perspective can be.

Barring other’s perspectives, you can use this knowledge to transform your world. It sounds a bit dramatic, but trust me - it’s true. Personally, I like to see the changing of the seasons as a fresh start.  You get 4 times a year to begin again - 4 times to put the best foot (or eye) forward. Truly believing that entering into this time of year is a privilege, I set the tone for what’s to come.

When you see obstacles as opportunities, group work as potential for larger projects, and responsibilities as privileges, you will always have a step up. Don’t believe me? Try it out!

Since we’re all in BNI, I’ll use your chapter as a constant variable. Each of you, whether you’re on leadership team or not, have a role to play.  The easiest common denominator is visitors.  Start this next week with the extreme joy that YOU get to bring in whoever you want to the chapter! Pump yourself up! Think of the best possible scenario and go for it! You’ll naturally be flooded with excitement when you ask this amazing potential visitor! You’ll perfectly share everything you love about your chapter ahead of time, and while your visitor is there visiting, you’ll more than likely give them a beautiful introduction, making them feel welcome!

Take this enjoyment of a situation and move it into all aspects of your life.  When you start with your best “eye” forward, I promise you - those situations, tasks, and obstacles that you have  always dreaded, will somehow work out for the best.

This perspective shift can be done over a lifetime, not just changing your reaction to situations, but changing your language (chore versus privilege, have to vs get to) and encouraging those around you to do the same.  This is a life-long adventure.  I for one, believe it’s worth it! As the saying goes, have a good day- or not. The choice is yours.

Happy Networking :)