Feb 13, 2018


by Brandon Souba

Sadly I have tried many times to get this idea in a podcast, or a blog, and every time I get so 
in-depth it tends to make no sense by the end... So I am taking a shot at a simple, short blog...

How do you end a one to one?

In my early days I ended a one to one with a, “Thank you and this was great to get together.” I am guessing this how most of us part ways. But later on I realized one to ones should actually be two meetings not just one. To explain this I want to share a dialog.

To set the scene Jake asked Brandon for a one to one. Since Jake is setting this up, the meeting should be focused on Jake learning more about Brandon’s business - Givers Gain.

Jake: “Wow, Brandon!  This was a great one to one and I learned a lot about your business and how I can help.”

Brandon: “ I agree, Jake! “Thank you for taking the time and asking me for a one to one. It is cool to have you want to know more about my business.”

Jake: “I would like to set up another one to one with you for next week.  This time I would like to be on the other side of the conversation so I can tell you more about my business and talk about how you can help me.  Is that ok with you?”

Brandon: “That is a great idea! I was actually shocked how you kept driving the conversation back to focus on me when I would ask you a question about your business. Let’s do next Tuesday at 1:30. Are you good with that?”

Jake: “Yes!  That will work and we can meet at my office so I can show you some products I plan to talk about.”

Brandon: “Perfect!  I have it in my planner and I will see you then.”

Seems simple, right? When you ask someone for a one to one meeting you should go in with the mind set of learning about the other person. Have questions ready to go and look at their BNI Connect GAINS worksheet and bio to know them personally so you can dig right in to referral conversations. But do not be afraid to ask for the favor in return – turning one meeting into two. How does this reflect Givers Gain? I gave my time to you so I can help you - in return I ask for you to give your time to help me. Once I started this practice I started seeing better results and my meetings became more purposeful and less of a task.

I have two calls of action for you on this blog.

  1. Reach out to someone you have not done a one to one with in a while or ever. I am sure that member’s business has changed in some way, and that could be the best opportunity for you to find a referral for them.
  2. Once the meeting is over, ask for another meeting to focus on your business, and tell them that! It is better to set an expectation from the get go vs. expecting the other member to know your plan.

Good luck.  This practice will help you with your Power of One report by giving you more one to ones, since each one is actually going to be two.  And remember, ask question that will help you get referrals to the member instead of just getting to know each other better. If you are training someone new at your business and you never trained them how to do their job, but spend days talking about family and common interest would you expect that new employee to go out and know how to do their job? I hope not! Your fellow members are the same way.  You can teach them how to help you so you have a trained sales force out there looking to help you in your business.